VOL. 4 March ISSUE YEAR 2003


in Vol. 4 - March Issue - Year 2003
Introduction of a "Guest" MFN Trainer

Besides the five "Official" MFN trainers, who stay permanently with the workshop organization and were introduced in the January issue, MFN is proud to have Guy Levasseur as a "Guest" Trainer in this year's workshop. Whoever becomes an "Official" or "Guest" MFN trainer are directly selected because of their knowledge in a particular field. Guy Levasseur was chosen because he has submitted to MFN an outstanding presentation about the basic knowledge in peen forming. He will have a 20 minutes presentation on that subject. See his biography below.

Guy Levasseur, MFN Guest Trainer Biography

Guy Levasseur was born in 1968. He is the director of the Research and Development department and also of the business development group at NMF Global, a company specializing in Aircraft wing skin forming and assembly. Guy has studied in the Metallurgical field specializing in metallic fabrication and High Pressure Welding. After several years as welder, tool / die maker and machinist, he started his career at NMF in 1994 as general foreman and specialist in tooling and fabrication methodology. At NMF Canada (one of the subsidies of NMF Global) he performed consecutively the role of Quality control agent, special equipment fabrication, manufacturing engineering, Director of Operations (overseeing over 200 employees) and was then transferred to the Corporate Head Office (NMF Global) to manage the research and development group called Formax and also the business development group. During this time frame, he has participated in numerous designs / built group with many renowned aerospace companies for new wing programs as well as hands-on experience in Peen forming mainly the Bombardier Global Express wing skins for Mitsubishi heavy industry, at the time the biggest single piece wing skin ever fabricated for a corporate jet.
Guy has also been President of the Quebec Aerospace Association (AQA) (2000 – 2001) and is still very active within the Canadian aerospace community being part of the AIAC (Aerospace Industry Association of Canada) airworthiness committee. Also, Guy has presented many papers in the field of peen forming, namely at the 7th international shot peening conference in Warsaw and also has published several articles in on this subject. His expertise is sought by numerous organizations in the fields of aerospace and metallurgy.