VOL. 15 January ISSUE YEAR 2014

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in Vol. 15 - January Issue - Year 2014
MFN continues and expands a successful cooperation with SF EXPO in China

Nowadays, nobody needs to be convinced that for any global player, China is one of the most, if not the most important market. The sheer size of the market speaks for itself. MFN, which recently just introduced the magazine MFN CHINA, is certainly well aware of this. Already since 2006, MFN has been an official cooperation partner of SF EXPO. This was in order to intensify the means and networking in this region.

SF EXPO, which used to have an International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition in Guangzhou every 2 years, is introducing the same event in Chongqing next year in April 23-25, 2014. The aim is to have this exhibition every year, but in different locations, giving credit to the huge size of China.
SF EXPO, which is one of the most rapidly developing surface finishing exhibitions, has become one of the biggest two surface exhibitions in China, and the first UFI approved surface expo in the world. The 10th Guangzhou International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition was held in Guangzhou on May 21st -23rd, 2013. The EXPO attracted surface suppliers from over 200 leading enterprises such as Atotech, SurTec, Wagner, Nordson, Uyemuba, Xinliguang, Huan Yu, Norilsk, Chemetall, FengFan, ChingFeng, SanFu, Etsing, etc. Nearly 16,000 buyers came to the three-day EXPO.
It included the International Symposium on Surface Finishing Industry Development and Friendship Party for Global Associations, Surface Finishing New Products & Technology Promotion Conference, Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Surface Finishing Enterprises, etc.

Being an official cooperation partner, MFN is very pleased to be able to continue to support this exhibition. For more information on the next exhibition please refer to www.sf-expo.cn/cq.

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Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.), Chief Editor of MFN, E-mail: andrzej@mfn.li

Author: Andrzej Wojtas