VOL. 15 January ISSUE YEAR 2014


in Vol. 15 - January Issue - Year 2014
Dry Ice Systems
Integrated system for dry ice pellet and microparticle cleaning in the foundry industry

Integrated system for dry ice pellet and microparticle cleaning in the foundry industry

Cold Jet Deutschland exhibits at Euroguss 2014 (Hall 7, Booth 7-760) the newest innovation in terms of dry-ice cleaning solutions, the "SDI-Select-60", for the foundry and forging industry.
For the global foundry market, dry-ice cleaning with microparticles has provided significant improvements in cleaning time (up to 60%) as well as reduction of damage to equipment and resulting scrap product. Cold Jet¡¦s SDI Select 60 has taken patented shaved ice technology to the next level by offering a delicate, yet effective, cleaning solution in a more streamlined, single-hose solution, which could significantly improve the cleaning result and reduce the noise level in average by 20%. For the end-user, this means a significant reduction in air and ice consumption; therefore providing additional cost-savings associated with increased cleanliness.
The SDI-Select-60 employs (as the only system in the world) any media of dry ice (Pellets, Blocks, Nuggets or Slices). The system can clean large surfaces of thin, hard contaminants, without damaging the substrate because of the Cold Jet¡¦s patented microparticles (>0,1 mm). Moreover, when faced with heavier contaminants, the system simply bypasses the shaving media, turns up the aggression and cleans using full 3 mm pellets.
The increased flexibility of the system reduces the cost and makes it easier to meet the high quality standards of the foundry and forging industry.
Cold Jet's dry-ice cleaning systems provide a significant improvement (> 60 %) of the cleaning time compared with other similar systems and increase the output rate and part quality.
Visit Cold Jet at Euroguss and see this system live at their booth in hall 7, booth 7-760.

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