VOL. 4 March ISSUE YEAR 2003


in Vol. 4 - March Issue - Year 2003
Mobile High Precision Peening Unit

The Mobile Peening Unit (Series 3i) from the Swiss manufacturer Baiker AG is a highly accurate peening system that can be used for a number of different applications. The device is mounted on wheels and can be moved around easily. The mobile peener can work in conjunction with a blasting room, be a permanent up grade for an exiting machine, or serve even several machines, whenever there is a need for a high precision peening system. The fact that it can be equipped with a media flow rate control that can handle ferrous and non-ferrous media extends the possible usage to a great extend. So no matter if it is steel shot, ceramic beads, glass beads or walnut shells, the closed loop media flow rate control can be adjusted accordingly.
Both, the pressure control and the flow rate control are closed loop systems and have the necessary interfaces to be connected to a process visualization system. So on request, this cost effective high precision peener could even fulfil the demanding AMS 2432 specification. The peening system comes without a media recovery system and the media pot, which is equipped with an overload sensor, has to be refilled manually.
Besides normal external peening applications, the high precision flow rate unit can also be used for small hole peening, using lances with diameters as small as 2mm. If the internal peening lance has to rotate, the same manufacturer can deliver different sizes of rotation heads, which can be easily adopted to work with the mobile peener.
This pressure peening system can handle hose sizes of up to 20 meters and the control box has a remote ON/OFF interface.
Those users who have to handle either a very special application or have too small lot numbers to justify the purchase of a completely new machine, may find the Series 3i a good alternative.
The Swiss manufacturer has delivered this equipment to many countries. Most recently, a total of 5 units have been exported to Canada.

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