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A Specialist For The Surface Treatment Since 1959
Pass-through monorail shotblast machine, model Regina

Pass-through monorail shotblast machine, model Regina

ALJU company

ALJU company

Automatic air blast cabin

Automatic air blast cabin

Founded in 1959 in one of the locations with the highest concentration of industry in Europe, ALJU S.L. is a national and international reference in the design and construction of machinery and installation for surface treatment and auxiliary equipment for cleaning and control of contaminating emissions.
With a surface area of 10,000m2, all equipment is designed, manufactured, and submitted to comprehensive tests from the beginning to end. Up-to-date machinery, its own engineering department and the availability of the most advanced design technology allow the development of projects for any type of installation using more than 50 years of experience, with the needs of the industry and commitment to research and development of new solutions paramount.
A highly qualified staff responds to all customer's needs and requirements, constantly adapting to the new production and design technologies of the sector.
One of ALJU's most important pillars is the after-sales service, prepared to provide customers with continuous and effective service by strategic partnerships and representatives around the world including warehouses to guarantee immediate delivery of the most commonly requested spare parts.
The products are classified in three large groups:
Shot blast machines & surface treatment equipment that use solid abrasive materials projected by centrifugal turbines and/or compressed air installations for air suction and purification, equipped with a variety of filtering systems metal structures, specialising in hard-wearing Steel-General industrial machinery.
Main sectors are:
Steel, Iron and brass casting, forging and die-stamping, Heat treatments, Iron and Steel Works and laminates, Treatment for springs (shot peening), Automotive machinery and components, Structures and boiler Works, Construction materials, Aeronautic industry, Stone finishes, Railway industry, Mould recovery, Maritime industry, Windpower Industry, Domestic wares, and Valves.

Shot Blast Machines
ALJU designs and manufactures various types of equipment, distinguished by the loading system or the placement of parts in the machine during shot blasting. Nonetheless, all the machines can be used in different industrial sectors.

Rotary Table
With different table diameters, depending on the production and weight of the parts to be treated. Equipment with two tables for simultaneous loading and unloading, as well as machines that can be equipped with a drum for parts in bulk.

All tumbling shot blast machines can be easily integrated in continuous manufacturing processes and are provided with a variety of dosing, loading and unloading systems.

Suspended Loads
These shot blast machines are suitable to clean parts by hanging them on hooks, either individually or in bundles, and exposing them to the action of the turbines. This general description covers a very wide range of equipment, the main feature of which is the great variety of part sizes and load settings that can be used.

Roller Or Trolley Conveyor
These machines transport the parts through chain-activated rollers or trolleys. They are mainly used for parts of great dimensions and volume.

Continuous Machines With Horizontal Load Belt

Metal mesh shot blast machines. These machines clean all the surfaces of the parts. They have the advantage of a continuous shot blasting of complicated parts that require a cleaning free of handling. They adapt to various widths and a variable number of turbines, depending on the complexity of the parts. The metal mesh is manufactured in high wearing down Steel.
Rubber belt shot blast machines. These are especially indicated for fragile parts that cannot receive impacts. They are normally used for aesthetic finishes of all types of artificial and natural Stone. They can work with different configurations to treat tiles, parts with multiple surfaces (steps, pillars) and boards. The machine is normally equipped with multiple adjustments to obtain the desired finish, as well as the most advanced shot decontamination and recovery systems.

Special And Custom Made Shot Blast Machines
An own engineering department and the experience accumulated over the past 50 years allow ALJU to provide a solution to any blasting requirement, whether by centrifugal turbines and/or compressed air.
Some special machines to mention are chains, wheels, inside and outside of recipients for tubes and deposits of huge dimensions, for wind towers, for bars, squares, natural and artificial Stone.

The turbine is the heart of any shot blast machine. It is the element responsible for the continuous projection of the abrasive material being used. It must therefore have a series of features that guarantee its performance and lifetime. ALJU turbines allow the impact speed and shot flow-rate to be adjusted, achieving different finishes without the need to change the type of abrasive.
ALJU turbines offer:
High performance due to their advanced design that obtains an excellent ratio between motor power and blasted shot
Fast and easy maintenance, because the parts have easy Access and are extremely easy to assemble and disassemble
Versatile, as they allow rotation in different directions
Multipurpose protection components that adapt to several positions and therefore ensure maintenance with fewer parts
High abrasion resistance, proven by the constant research we perform on new materials to improve unit performance and profitability
Greater duration thanks to using both sides of the turbine blades
The possibility of automatic orientation of the blast beam, even during the shot blast cycle

Blast Cabins And Booths
The cabins are prepared to work with suction or overpressure systems, depending on the type of work to perform. They are equipped with the necessary shot recovery and selection systems, as well as with filters, loading and unloading elements.

The blasting booths are designed for the manual blasting of large parts, which are introduced by trolleys or other conveyor systems. Prepared with ambient exhaust and abrasive recovery system, they are made of modular panels of high-wearing-down Steel.

Air Suction And Purification Systems
ALJU designs and manufactures complete installations for air uptake and cleaning in any industrial process. We have the engineering capability of collecting data and proposing the appropriate and adequate installation that best adapts to the specific needs of our customers.

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