VOL. 15 May ISSUE YEAR 2014


in Vol. 15 - May Issue - Year 2014
New Microshot Alloy Offers Extreme High Hardness and Durability for Peening to Precise Specifications
Nanosteel evershot micro spherical morphology

Nanosteel evershot micro spherical morphology

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NanoSteel is a world leader in proprietary nano-structured steel material designs. Over its eleven-year history, NanoSteel has created progressive generations of iron-based alloys from surface coatings to foils to powder metals and sheet steel. For the oil & gas, mining and power industries, NanoSteel has successfully introduced commercial applications of metallic coatings to prolong service lifetime in the most extreme industrial environments. For the automotive industry, NanoSteel has achieved a significant breakthrough in the development of nano-structured sheet steel with exceptional strength and ductility. NanoSteel is a privately held company funded by lead shareholders EnerTech and Fairhaven Capital.

NanoSteel's new EverShotTM ferrous micro peening alloy is designed to impart exceptional compressive stresses while minimizing dimensional distortions. This new media is ideal for parts with high hardness, small size, complex geometries or small radii, and lasts up to 70x longer than ceramic and 9x longer than other high hardness ferrous microshot.

The NanoSteel® Company, a leader in nano-structured steel materials design, announced the introduction of its proprietary EverShotTM ferrous micro peening alloy. The new material combines high hardness with a low breakage rate which allows the shot peening of parts to precision specifications. The exceptional durability of the EverShotTM peening media dramatically increases operational efficiencies leading to higher throughput and lower processing costs.
"Compared to both ceramic and ferrous microshot media, EverShotTM enables the shot peening of parts to tighter dimensional requirements at significantly improved uptimes," said Harald Lemke, NanoSteel's vice president and general manager of powder metallurgy. "The media is ideal for the shot peening of small parts and parts with small radii or complex geometries such as gears, springs, and threads."
In a customer test conducted by NanoSteel's development partner Superior Shot Peening in Houston, the EverShotTM media with an average shot particle size of 83 microns (0.0033 inches) generated intensities equal to CW14 steel cut wire shot while providing a more uniform level of compression. "NanoSteel's micro shot is extremely durable and generates the most uniform level of sub-surface compressive stresses that I've seen from any media other than ultrasonic shot peening," said Dan Spinner, Superior Shot Peening's director of technology. "The high hardness of the NanoSteel ferrous micro shot results in a deeper impact than existing ferrous micro shots without additional work-hardening."
Competitive benchmarking shows that an EverShotTM cut lasted up to 70x longer than ceramic and 9x longer than other high hardness ferrous micro shot. This substantially higher durability provides more consistent surface quality and improved uptime from less frequent material replacement while lowering process waste.

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