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in Vol. 15 - July Issue - Year 2014
Built to Blast
Pressure Blast Peening Equipment: with Manual Touch-Up Station

Pressure Blast Peening Equipment: with Manual Touch-Up Station

Multi-Axis Peening Equipment: OD/ID Pressure Blast

Multi-Axis Peening Equipment: OD/ID Pressure Blast

Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. (L.B.T.I.) came to market in early 2002, and have since become a major designer and manufacturer of blast equipment in North America. The company was founded by the president and owner, Mike Langtry, in April of 2002, focusing mainly on equipment service and preventative maintenance at first. L.B.T.I.¡¦s reputation as a solid and dependable provider of blast equipment service and after market parts was quickly formed by a series of confident customers.

It wasn't long before L.B.T.I. was being approached by both customers and other equipment manufacturers to design and build high-end blast equipment. L.B.T.I. began designing and building blast equipment for a host of applications and parts within the blast industry. Over a decade since, L.B.T.I. has over 120 blast machines located on every continent for some of the largest companies in the world, and is recognized as a leader in high-end blast equipment design.
The company's main design goal and mission has been to build quality equipment, and provide world-class technical support and design with long production life and ease of maintenance in mind. Some of L.B.T.I.'s customers include Nissan, GM, Nemak, Goodrich Landing Gear, UTC Aerospace, Messier Dowty and Pratt & Whitney, to name but a few.
Both L.B.T.I.'s head office and main manufacturing facility are located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and between them employ a staff of thirty in Ontario with sales representatives in Canada, USA, China, Europe, Africa and South America.
The company¡¦s equipment has been built for parts of all shapes and sizes, for a host of different applications including; shot peening, blast cleaning, double peening, deburring, surface preparation, etching, descaling, roughness and peen forming. These parts have been used in applications such as landing gear, jet turbine blades, medical devices, gears for rotary engines, saucepans, shopping carts, and even fork-truck forks.
Using a wealth of knowledge, past experience in engineering and interface design, Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. form advanced tailor-made solutions to the customer's blasting needs. From problem to solution, L.B.T.I. has a proven track record in quality design and manufacturing standards. These standards include ISO 9001:2008, CWB (W47.1-09 & W59-03) and Controlled Goods of Canada.
Since 2002, Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. have used a plethora of equipment configurations and designs to specifically meet customer's application requirements, using a variety of reclaim systems ranging from mechanical and vacuum systems depending on the media used, and the amount of media to be reclaimed. Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. specializes in three main delivery systems: pressure-blast, suction-blast and wheel-blast.
With emphasis on market share growth, L.B.T.I. has focused on three major business streams, blast equipment sales, aftermarket parts and service/preventative maintenance.
Several styles of blast equipment have been designed, including blast booths, swing table, carousel style, hand blast, indexer and clam shell, although many custom styles have been developed for customers for a range of applications and parts.
L.B.T.I. offers a 24/7 maintenance and service department to support customers running multiple shifts, helping customers to keep their production facility running when they need it the most. The preventative maintenance programs are custom-made for the customer's equipment, ensuring that essential components of the equipment are checked and monitored on a regular basis. L.B.T.I. also offers a calibration service for blast equipment for the purposes of internal and external auditing.
After-market parts have always been an important part of the business, and L.B.T.I. treat the parts department as such. ISO 9001 procedures ensure that third party products are competitively priced and that manufactured and assembled parts pass rigorous quality assurance standards. A dedicated shipping department ensures fast turn-around on all parts.
Technological advancement has always been a deep passion of L.B.T.I., from achieving deeper compressive stresses in materials to developing proprietary bearings and parts, even developing high-end reporting and statistically controlled applications for process control in a peening environment.
In the past, L.B.T.I. has designed, developed and installed systems for leading landing gear manufacturers, which monitor and control a range of process parameters heavily to ensure that the shot peening process is continuously in control.
Together with the machinery¡¦s accuracy and a process of validating the machine rather than the individual cycle, it is possible to run many parts one after another without having to check that the machine is in "control" before and after each part.
This is an enormous benefit, which eliminates the need to run "almen strips" and generate "saturation curves" before and after each part processed in the machine, thus saving much valuable production time. To ensure that the equipment remains in control, all process critical parameters are monitored, alarmed and executed in real time throughout the process.
These parameters may include shot flow, wheel speed, air pressure, nozzle manipulator traverse speed, and so on. Each parameter has set deviation thresholds, which are deemed within tolerance by the regulatory body in question. The L.B.T.I. proprietary software monitors these variables in real time, displays the results on screen in real time trending, and records the points in detailed production reports, which are stored long-term.
The set-points of deviation are monitored and if found out of tolerance over a specified period of time, the system will shut down the process until the issue may be resolved.
L.B.T.I. have been very lucky to have such loyal customers, and continuously strive to ensure that customers continue to be well-treated by some of the industries best customer service representatives to ensure a highly positive experience and highly effective mutually beneficial relationship.

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