VOL. 15 July ISSUE YEAR 2014


in Vol. 15 - July Issue - Year 2014
Latest Wire Descaling Equipment for Upgraded Drawing Lines
Wire descaling machine as applied by SeAH Special Steel

Wire descaling machine as applied by SeAH Special Steel

A descaling machine as part of an automated drawing line

A descaling machine as part of an automated drawing line

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SeAH Special Steel Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of special steels, is upgrading its operations in Pohang, Korea, with nine wire-descaling machines from Wheelabrator.

The new equipment will be delivered throughout the year and will replace existing shot blast machines from various European and Asian OEMs.

The single-strand shot blast machines from Wheelabrator reliably remove scale, rust and other contaminants from the wire or rod surface before processing, and can be integrated into existing fully automated drawing lines.

Depending on production requirements, machines with three, four or six blast wheels, arranged along the longitudinal axis of the wire or rod, are available, and ensure consistent and even coverage. Guide plates focus the abrasive stream onto the wire surface, thereby boosting the descaling effect without increasing abrasiveness throughput. This improves the efficiency of the whole blasting process while reducing wear on parts and the abrasive.

Wire descaling machines from Wheelabrator allow drawing speeds of up to 240m/min, matching those in modern drawing lines.

Viktor Lussi, Sales Director at the Wheelabrator Technology Centre Zürich (DISA Industrie AG), comments: "The customer wanted to upgrade their operations to meet highest standards of quality and reliability. SeAH Special Steel already had several Wheelabrator machines in operation and was very happy with its proven track record for quality and productivity. This new order just goes to show that, when it comes to integrated production environments, investment in highly reliable equipment pays off. We're looking forward to continuing our partnership with such a forward-looking company."

Beyond wire descaling equipment, Wheelabrator also offers single or multi-strand blast machines for steel rod and wire coil, which can be adapted to suit individual customers' requirements. For example, machines can be supplied for stand-alone operation with separate handling or, as the example SeAH shows, as an integrated solution.

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