VOL. 15 September ISSUE YEAR 2014


in Vol. 15 - September Issue - Year 2014
An Industrial Pageant of Surface Engineering Innovation SF EXPO Briefing
Mr. Zhang Zhi, the President of Guangdong Wise Exhibition Company

Mr. Zhang Zhi, the President of Guangdong Wise Exhibition Company

SF EXPO, with its whole name as Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition, is the only UFI-certified expo in its field and has been co-held by Guangdong Wise Exhibition Company, the E-plating Branch of CSEA, and the Coating Branch of CSEA for ten successful sessions. Mr. Zhang Zhi, the President of Guangdong Wise Exhibition Company, has been involved in the exhibition industry for over a decade, and has acute observation and deep recognition on surface engineering. Next, is his exclusive interview with MFN.

(?) MFN: As the host of SF EXPO, what's your management idea of SF EXPO?

(!) Z.Z.: We aim at serving the exhibitors and audiences. Cooperating with CSEA, the authoritative unit in China, our primary consideration for organizing the SF EXPO is not profit-making,  but building-up a communication platform for the whole industry.

(?) MFN: What's the goal of SF EXPO and how to achieve it?

(!) Z.Z.: Our goal is to make SF EXPO an industrial pageant for surface engineering innovation internationally. 10 years has witnessed the fast-growth of SF EXPO with an annual growth rate of 15%. Moreover, it is the only UFI-certified industrial expo in its field, which greatly enhances its overseas recognition, and has attracted many internationally renowned companies. In addition, the organizer pays great attention to the promotion and application of the latest products and technologies. Therefore, there are concurrent new product and technology launches for enterprises to show their innovation. Besides, SF EXPO is well-organized by well-trained and experienced exhibition talents, which is the key for its success. Good social relationship network and mature personnel resources greatly support SF EXPO's scale and quality.

(?) MFN: How about the effect of SF EXPO Chongqing? What's your next plan?

(!) Z.Z.: SF EXPO 2014 is held in Chongqing, a bold but correct decision. Chongqing is the only municipality in west China with many industries booming: real-estate, automobile, military industry, motorcycles, notebook computers, and telecom equipment, etc. The SF EXPO 2014 Chongqing has greatly vitalized the market transformation of domestic cities. Renowned enterprises such as Anitech, Coverntya, JCU, Yihong, Baihong, Kay Meteer, Noril'sk and Fischer, have attended the expo. Latest products and workmanship are demonstrated on new product launches by Anitech, Tao's Chemicals and MacDermid, etc. SF EXPO 2015 will be held in Guangzhou again, as an alternative site for Chongqing. We are confident in establishing a brand exhibition for great developing potential under the co-work of all fields.

(?) MFN: What's the breakthrough for SF EXPO 2015?

(!) Z.Z.: The SF EXPO 2015 will be held on May 11th-13th, 2015 in Guangzhou Poly Exhibition Centre (Pazhou). Compared with the former sessions, there will be more overseas exhibitors, over 30%, and 18,000 m2 of exhibition space. The SF EXPO Chongqing will bring more purchasers and visitors from West China. As a whole, the exhibition scale and exhibit quality will be greatly improved in SF EXPO 2015. In addition, the international cooperation will go deeper with associations from US, Japan, Russia, Swiss, German, Singapore, HK and Taiwan. The expo radiates outward to many countries and regions. We will always present the SF EXPO as an industrial pageant for friends all over the world. Welcome to SF EXPO.

MFN would like to thank Mr. Zhang Zhi to graciously receive our exclusive interview. We wish SF EXPO 2015 great success!

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