in Vol. 15 - November Issue - Year 2014
New Investors, New CEO
Hans K

Hans K

Gerald Schwarz,
General Manager

Gerald Schwarz, General Manager

Since its establishment in 1973, Nicolis Technology AG has supplied about 500 sandblasting machines and plants to more than 20 different countries throughout the whole world.

In the first decades, mainly standard machines were designed. Starting from 2005, this traditional Swiss company has developed more and more into a provider of customer-specific solutions in the following fields:

injection blasting machines
pressure shot machines
wet blasting machines
shot peening machines

Today Nicolis Technology AG is a specialised machine designer for blasting solutions of the highest quality.

The result of their innovations is the complete automation, visualisation and control of all processes up to the finished item ready for packaging. Parallel to that, special filter and cleaning technologies have been developed for the treatment of blasting media.

In order to position the new generation of machines better in the market, as well as to improve research and development even further, Nicolis Technology AG has found new investors.

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