in Vol. 4 - May Issue - Year 0
MFN Shot Peening Workshop Outline June 9-11th 2003 (Singapore)

In 2003 MFN decided to create a completely new training program for SHOT PEENING. Since it is almost impossible for one party to have access to all aspects of this important application, a new approach was chosen. A team of „official“ MFN trainers was selected and companies within the peening industry were contacted from around the globe to donate training material and exhibit items. The creation of this program has been a real team effort, not just by the MFN trainers, but also by a number of companies which normally compete against each other. And this is especially worthy of mention - the common understanding that there is a need within the peening industry to establish a qualified training program and to create the spirit to do this together. MFN would like to express its thanks to all people involved!

The „Official“ MFN Trainers:
   (alphabetic order)
• Giovanni Gregorat, Pometon S.p.A.
• Dr. Heribert Gray
   Vulkan Blast Shot Technologies
• James Whalen
   Progressive Technologies
• Peter Beckmerhagen, Frohn GmbH
• Steven Baiker, Baiker AG

2003 MFN Guest Trainers:
• Guy Levasseur, NMF Global
• Shlomo Ramati, IAI

Companies donating Tutorial

• Baiker AG
• Composite Materials Co., Inc.
• Disa Industrie AG
• Frohn GmbH
• Gerard Poly Mouldings
• Israel Aircraft Industries
• Kugelstrahlzentrum Aachen
• NMF Global
• Pometon S.p.A.
• Progressive Technologies
• Vulkan Blast Shot Technologies