VOL. 15 November ISSUE YEAR 2014


in Vol. 15 - November Issue - Year 2014
ExpoCoating 2015 - the Largest International Exhibition for Coatings and Surface Treatment in Russia

For 11 years of dynamic development, the ExpoCoating Moscow exhibition has gained a status of effective area for demonstration, selling and subsequent implementation of developments in the field of surface treatment and coating.
The important advantage of the exhibition is the fact that it is the largest specialised exhibition in Russia, and that companies from many Russian regions and foreign countries participate in this exhibition.

Main figures of ExpoCoating Moscow 2014:
Participants: 72 companies from 10 countries of the world
Visitors: 1600 people
96% of visitors were specialists
39% of visitors came to the exhibition for the first time
72% of visitors make or influence purchasing decisions

Visitors' interest to the exhibition sections:
80% of visitors were interested in coatings and processes
45% of visitors were interested in lacquers and varnishes materials for surface protection
44% of visitors were interested in systems and equipment for surface cleaning
30% of visitors were interested in drying systems and equipment

In 2015, the organisers are planning to extend the exhibition through the development of relevant topics and new participants and visitors funnel.

Sections of ExpoCoating Moscow 2015:
Surface cleaning, drying and protection
Technologies and equipment for surface treatment
Paintwork materials for surface treatment New!
Functional coatings New!

About 20 companies presented equipment, technologies and materials at the exhibition of 2014 year in the section "Surface cleaning, drying and protection".
In the next year, according to the plan of the organisers, the number of companies will increase; that means that industry experts will get a chance to see more modern elaborations in this area.

One of the prospective segments of industry - paintwork materials for surface treatment - will be presented at the exhibition in 2015 for the first time.
The relevance of this section within the exhibition is due to increased consumption of paintwork production by the companies of the construction industry and other industry sectors, and the corresponding increase of the production of paintwork materials.
Currently, the organisers are actively working with key players in the market, representatives of administrative bodies, professional associations and international partners.

Innovative coatings for the improvement of the efficiency of the surface properties of various products will be showcased at another new section of the exhibition - "Functional coatings".
This section will present special purpose coatings for the electronics, optics and textile industries, and many other industries.

The business programme of the exhibition, which has a great practical significance for experts, requires mention. Traditionally the key event of the exhibition business program is the international scientific-practical conference "Coatings and Surface Treatment. The latest achievements in technology, ecology and equipment". The conference provides an opportunity for constructive dialogue, professional communication and exchange of experience between Russian and foreign experts that contributes to the development of the industry.
Next year's conference will include several specialised sections: electroplating, corrosion protection, preparation and treatment of surface for painting. In addition, within the exhibition business program will be shown presentations of participants and demonstration of the capabilities of the equipment on display.

Stable growth of the exhibition, a growing number of foreign exhibitors and grand plans of the providers have identified the necessity to move the exhibition to the international exhibition center "Crocus Expo", one of the largest exhibition venues in the world and the largest exhibition center in Eastern Europe with excellent infrastructure and a high level of service.
The 12th International exhibition ExpoCoating Moscow will be held on 17-19 February 2015 in IEC "Crocus Expo" Pavilion 1, Hall 1. We invite you to take part in the exhibition.

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