VOL. 16 January ISSUE YEAR 2015


in Vol. 16 - January Issue - Year 2015
Metal + Metallurgy China 2015

For an exhibition with enduring popularity for over two decades and far-reaching influences in both Southern and Northern China, the secret of its success lies in the huge market. As Asia's largest and the world's second largest exhibition in metal and metallurgical industry, Metal + Metallurgy China is the best case. Held alternately in Beijing and Shanghai, Metal + Metallurgy China focus more on market agglomeration and industrial integration from Southern China to Northern China, from China to the whole world.

Metal + Metallurgy China 2015 (a collective name for the 13th China International Foundry Expo, the 15th China International Metallurgical Industry Expo, the 13th China International Industrial Furnaces Exhibition and the 11th China International Refractories and Industrial Ceramics Exhibition) will be staged from March 31 to April 3, 2015 at the newly built China Expo Complex in Shanghai Hongqiao CBD. Currently, exhibitor registration is in full swing. Up to now, dozens of well-known names in the related industries including Kao, ABP, Inductotherm, DISA, Fanuc, Allied Mineral Products, Shanghai Xinyan, I.M.F, Nederman, MAGMA, Grenzebach, Calderys, Koins, Ebner, Siemens, Savelli, MAUS, and Capital have registered for participation and contacted the organizers for further arrangements. The vast majority of exhibitors like FANUC, KAO and Allied Mineral Products will expand their presence next year with substantially increased booth areas and the best of their products. Evidently, these international giants continue to favor the financial and industrial center of Shanghai with unfailing passion and unprecedented investment. Moreover, the excellent reputation of Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd., the China subsidiary of the world exhibition guru Deutsche Messe AG, and its unreserved support as the overseas organizer will bring an international philosophy and superb professional services to the exhibition in the next year. Metal + Metallurgy China 2015 will hit an unprecedented record in terms of marketing promotion, exhibitor services, visitor organization, venue operations, pavilion construction, shipping and information acquisition. "Global Fairs, Global Business" will be a perfect feature that Hanover annexes to Metal + Metallurgy China 2015.

In addition to the usual Chinese exhibitors, the international pavilions will be more dazzling than ever in the exhibition next year. Specifically, brand-new sectors of robot/automation, metallurgy and foundry will enable buyers to reach target groups directly and conclude more purchase orders. The international pavilions are also completely upgraded in furnishing and publicity endeavors, which have prompted many Chinese exhibitors to join in to compete with overseas enterprises under the same roof and grab a share of the global market.

This year's show is jointly organized by China Iron and Steel Association, China Foundry Association, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES), the Metallurgical Council of CCPIT, and the Industrial Furnace Institution of CMES, and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. With an extensive scope of exhibits, innovative products and extinctive features, Metal + Metallurgy China 2015 is expected to have an exhibition area of 80,000 square meters. The four-day event will be held in Shanghai and Beijing alternately from 2015. Forums that cover major topics in the four industries will also be held simultaneously during the show period, accompanied with other activities like business matchmaking services, specialized seminars and technical activities. Media from Germany, U.S., Spain, and India are also contributing exhibition publicity.

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