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in Vol. 16 - March Issue - Year 2015
MFN deepens its Activities within the Chinese Market


Chinese version of SHOT PEENING

Chinese version of SHOT PEENING

Rosanne Baiker, MFNs Vice President Business Development and Prof. Ruwei Liu, Chief Editor MFN CHINA

Rosanne Baiker, MFNs Vice President Business Development and Prof. Ruwei Liu, Chief Editor MFN CHINA

Since China is already the world¡¦s largest single market for metallic abrasives as well as shot peening and blasting equipment, MFN puts a strong focus on this large country. In March 2013, it started the new publication MFN CHINA and in April 2015, the Chinese translation of the book SHOT PEENING will be published. These activities are supported by a MFN Office in China as well as regular workshop and educational activities in this region.

Two years of MFN CHINA:

Being on the market for 2 years and published 4 times a year, MFN CHINA established itself as probably the most read magazine in the field of peening, blasting and vibratory finishing in China. The first edition had only 40 pages and grew quickly to 60 pages. Further growth is likely. At some point in the near future, MFN CHINA will increase the publication to 6 issues per year. While the magazine was originally focused on local articles, readers¡¦ feedback showed that they wanted to see more international contributions from outside of China as well as scientific information. This was a request easily to be fulfilled by the MFN publishing house since it literally has access to thousands of international articles.

Book SHOT PEENING published in Chinese:

The 4th edition of SHOT PEENING, which is a best-seller in its English version with thousands of sold books, was released a few months ago. It has now been translated into Chinese. Such technical translation, especially into Chinese, is very demanding and the upmost care was taken. After translation, the complete book was still edited and proof-read by the Chief Editor of MFN CHINA, Prof. Ru-wei Liu. The book will be available in April 2015.

MFN's Educational Efforts in China:

The MFN Education Division organises several shot peening workshops in China every year. These take place in different cities. All courses are accepted by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This effort is supported by an MFN Office in China, to give the students and readers a local contact in case they have further questions.

MFN also regularly participates in the National Academic Conference on Shot Peening Technology, which is held by the Chinese Failure Analysis Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society of Shot Peening Technology and the Committee of Residual Stress in Materials. This is in order to keep updated on the latest local developments.

Looking at all these activities, MFN has positioned itself well in this booming market.

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Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.), Chief Editor of MFN, E-mail: andrzej@mfn.li

Author: Andrzej Wojtas