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in Vol. 16 - March Issue - Year 2015
Traditionally Modern: Changing a brand with the times
Rene Boettrich, the President of Clemco International Inc.

Rene Boettrich, the President of Clemco International Inc.

MFN had a chance to interview Rene Boettrich, the President of Clemco International Inc.

(?) MFN: I believe this is our first interview with you at MFN. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

(!) R.B.: I live in Bavaria, where I was also raised. Bavaria for me is the perfect setting, an area with a strong sense of tradition coupled with a modern taste. I find that Clemco offers the same balance, and I have worked for Clemco¡¦s German office for nearly two decades. I have worked in different capacities, first in sales, managing the distribution network in the Middle East, South Africa, and other areas. For about 13 years I have been acting director of the German office as well as our production facility in Hungary, which gave me the experience of working closely with each of Clemco¡¦s subsidiaries around the world. Recently, I transitioned into my new role as the president of Clemco International, taking over from John Douglas, our previous president who has recently retired.

(?) MFN: Can you tell us a bit about your new role?

(!) R.B.: The new role is a big responsibility, and a welcome challenge. As you know, Clemco is a USA-founded and -owned company, with a network of global subsidiaries. My new role will be overseeing all operations in these subsidiaries. We see Clemco growing worldwide and evolving to meet the challenges of a changing, globalizing economy. Clemco first started globalizing in the early 1950's, and since then we have kept in step with the world economy and its development. As we continue to grow in all markets, I hope my experience internationally will aid Clemco in continuing to expand our role worldwide.

(?) MFN: So what will be one of the first things we can expect from you and Clemco International?

(!) R.B.: Well, as I mentioned, Clemco has been globalizing for the past 60 or so years. What that has meant is that we have adapted ourselves to different markets worldwide, in terms of our brand identity. We still maintain that flexibility when necessary, but we have recognized that the world continues to unify into a single global market, and at a faster pace than ever before. We have always viewed ourselves as a global company with one identity, but we now feel it is time to present our customers with one image by which to recognize Clemco, regardless of their location. So the first thing you can expect from us is a new brand image that reflects this: a corporate color scheme that matches that of our home base in the USA, along with a new logo, a new website, literature, and a number of other features. This will be something the world can expect from Clemco in the coming months, and we are very excited.

(?) MFN: Can you tell us a bit about this new image?

(!) R.B.: In crafting the new image, the main thing we wanted it to reflect was our history and our culture. We used our seventy year history as a basis for the design and feel of our new image, and we believe that we are presenting a streamlined, modern brand to the world while highlighting every aspect of what has made us who we are. We have built a brand treatment that displays the long experience of Clemco in the blast industry within a sleek design and fresh format. We placed as much emphasis as possible on our values, which we view as the core of our success and the heart of our company. This, we feel, is communicated in each aspect of the new brand identity, be it as simple as the logo or as complex as our website.

(?) MFN: Let¡¦s talk a bit about this new website. What can we expect?

(!) R.B.: A whole lot of features: multiple language interfaces, a portal for interaction with our distributors, a new lead-processing module, a downloadable index of product information and literature, and an ever-changing display of company and product updates and information. We will be highlighting the website and other features of this new brand image thru magazines and other channels in the coming weeks.

(?) MFN: So there's a new president, a new brand image, a new website. What else is going to be new this year?

(!) R.B.: We're planning on a variety of new products to be released within our pipe blasting, dust control, and operator safety product lines, among others. We continue to invest in our facilities in terms of expansion and the addition of equipment and capacity, and we are actively working on the addition and training of staff to facilitate growth. We are planning to expand into new markets this year in different parts of the world, as we see new opportunities in industries that are only just now beginning to involve abrasive blast treatment.

(?) MFN: That's quite a list. Is anything else going on with Clemco?

(!) R.B.: We have a relatively new acquisition about which we are very excited. Several years back, Clemco acquired Munkebo A/S of Denmark, and we have now fully integrated its manufacturing capacity, staff, and unique products. Munkebo leads the world in cutting-edge abrasive recovery and recycling equipment, including vacuum systems, storage hoppers, and dust collection that is second to none in technological advantage. Munkebo's brand, which also includes dehumidification equipment, is the gold standard in the world of shipyards and heavy industry, and it has crafted a flawless reputation. With our integration of Munkebo, we have gained a tremendous asset, not only in products, but also in engineering and manufacturing capability. As we see it, the advantage to the customer is that the technological edge of Munkebo is now available worldwide and to all types of industries thru Clemco¡¦s sales network.

(?) MFN: Thanks again for your time.

(!) R.B.: A: I would not only like to thank you, but also to thank our customers, distributors, and suppliers for the years of loyalty and trust they have given Clemco. Our friends and colleagues are invaluable to Clemco, and we hope that they know it.

MFN would like to thank Rene Boettrich for the interview!

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