VOL. 16 May ISSUE YEAR 2015


in Vol. 16 - May Issue - Year 2015
New Course Offers Wider Awareness Of Metal Treatments

MFN are pleased to announce the introduction of a training course entitled Surface Enhancement Technologies. This one-day course provides a broad understanding of the range of treatments commonly used to improve the performance and appearance of metallic surfaces.
The course topics are: stress and strain in metals, fatigue & stress corrosion, shot peening, wheel peening, air peening and nozzles, new peening technology, deep rolling, mass finishing.
The course explains the fundamental aspects of surface enhancement by mechanical treatments. It will be of great use to design engineers, process owners, buyers, quality engineers and others who participate in or support any of these processes. It is also of benefit to technical personal wishing to explore the use of such processes on their products.
The course can be offered as on-site training for groups of relevant colleagues and may also be offered in conjunction with the MFN open workshops. Please find additional information about the new training at www.mfn.li/training.

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