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in Vol. 16 - May Issue - Year 2015
Blasting Fast At Hasçelik: Shot Blast Machine Keeps Up With World’s Fastest Drawing Lines
Integrated drawing lines with Wheelabrator shot blast equipment cold-draw steel bar from coil at Has

Integrated drawing lines with Wheelabrator shot blast equipment cold-draw steel bar from coil at Has

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Leading special steel manufacturer Hasçelik in Turkey uses Wheelabrator shot blast equipment to achieve premium surface qualities on steel bar, as part of the world’s fastest drawing lines.

When Hasçelik, headquartered in Istanbul, upgraded its operations with new Caterpillar-technology drawing lines, it needed blast equipment to match the new lines’ high drawing speeds of 180m/min.

As a supplier to the automotive industry, quality assurance was paramount for the company, with cleaning degrees of Sa 2.5 – 3 required across a range of steel grades.

The choice fell on Wheelabrator’s "FL" range of single and multi-strand shot blast machines for wire, bar and profile, which can achieve speeds of up to 240m/min.

Naci Faydasicok, Chairman of the Executive Board at Hasçelik, explains: "We’re an internationally recognised quality steel producer and are looking to add ever more automotive OEMs to our accreditation list. That’s why quality and efficiency are extremely important to us. The Wheelabrator equipment fulfilled our surface specification needs as well as being able to keep up with our super-fast new drawing lines and being uniquely low-maintenance. The last thing we wanted was for the blast machine to become a bottleneck in our operations!"

The two machines installed are equipped with 4 or 6 blast wheels. Arranged along the longitudinal axis of the steel bar passing through, the blast wheels ensure consistent coverage and an evenly clean surface after blasting.

Naci Faydasicok adds: "Ensuring a good surface before cold drawing means fewer die failures and hence reduced die costs. The homogenously clean surface provided by the new blast equipment also ensures a lower separation rate during crack testing and less waste, as well as a clean and bright surface on the final product – something we’re proud to deliver to our customers."

The new blast equipment was commissioned and installed within one month. It has been in 24/7 three-shift operation since July 2013 and has proven highly reliable.

Viktor Lussi, Sales Director at the Wheelabrator Technology Centre Zürich (DISA Industrie AG), comments: "Our shot blast equipment for wire, bar and profile is becoming increasingly popular with companies who have highly integrated drawing lines. Our machines integrate seamlessly into advanced production environments and can be adapted to perfectly match a customer’s needs."

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