VOL. 16 May ISSUE YEAR 2015


in Vol. 16 - May Issue - Year 2015
New High Performance Robot Shot Peening Machine
Visualization and control

Visualization and control

Robot and calibration unit

Robot and calibration unit

At Liebherr - Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, Germany a new roxor robot shot peening machine with TBM control systems was successful commissioned. Liebherr - Aerospace is known as a leading supplier for aircraft air management, flight control and landing gears systems as well as gearboxes.
The machine is designed for a continuous shot peening process, even during exchange of the work piece; therefore, a revolving door with two direct drive turntables are part of the equipment. The revolving door with two outboard loading hoods works like a gate. During machining of a work piece on one turntable, the second turntable can be prepared with the next job. This allows a non-interrupted shot peening process during the quick exchange of the work piece within seconds, so highest throughput is assured.
The machine is equipped with a mobile calibration unit that allows an unmanned calibration of the media dosing over night or on weekends; accordingly, no production time is lost for calibration.
Nozzle and work piece movement are controlled by a 6-axis robot with two integrated turntable axes. As well, the exchange of nozzles and rotary heads is done automatically by the robot. The three nozzles work with the known leading high accuracy roxor-TBM media dosing system. KSA ISIC shot speed measuring is also fully integrated in the control.
For high availability, the process is controlled and monitored by the latest version of TBM’s visualisation system that allows user-friendly operation, diagnostics and maintenance. The equipment has been developed and built by the Swiss technology companies Roxor Strahltechnik and TBM Automation AG.

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