VOL. 16 May ISSUE YEAR 2015


in Vol. 16 - May Issue - Year 2015
Company Provides Industry with New Robust Laser Peening System


In the Spotlight

Happy Anniversary! In February, LSP Technologies, Inc. celebrated its 20th anniversary in the surface enhancement industry offering laser peening equipment, laser peening application services, and laser peening production services. The technology that started in the Battelle Columbus Research Labs in the early 1970s is growing into a worldwide industry today, and LSPT is still at the forefront.

In late 2013, LSP Technologies made a decision to create a laser peening system that could be purchased by its industrial customers. The drivers for this decision were based upon the number of requests LSPT was receiving from industry to be able to incorporate the laser peening process within their manufacturing facility and the vision that laser peening is an easily implemented and a mature manufacturing process. LSPT customer’s motivation to acquire it was based on a desire to provide higher value products to their customers. Having a laser peening system in their manufacturing facility also eliminates time delays associated with shipping and eliminated a non-value added cost. To meet the needs of these industrial customers, the laser peening system needed to be robust and easy to implement by those interested in acquiring it.

Other factors also supported LSP Technologies’ decision to create a system for its customers who wished to incorporate this process within their facility. One of these was that the state of the art for laser components had progressed to the point where several laser manufacturers were capable of offering commercial off-the-shelf components with technology elements that made the system more robust and efficient. LSP Technologies was able to acquire these components and with its knowledge, integrate them into a robust laser peening system.
LSP Technologies’ experience designing, fabricating, installing, and using laser peening equipment goes back to 1995 when this same team built the world’s first industrial laser peening system. Being at the forefront of this industry, delivering high quality laser peening services and now turn-key laser peening systems to meet the demands of any business is a significant advancement for the industry.

In May 2015, LSP Technologies will be completing the installation of the first Procudo™ 200 laser peening system at its facility in Dublin, Ohio. The Procudo™ laser peening system is a 200 watt, 20 Hz system that far exceeds the capability of previous systems. This system being installed at LSP Technologies will be used to increase production capacity and to create an equipment showcase for customers to witness the system in operation. 

The wide acceptance and incorporation of laser peening by aerospace and power generation turbine manufacturers as the ultimate fatigue, corrosion, and FOD component failure prevention process has led many other industries such as precision tube makers, large diesel engine manufacturers, and automotive component manufacturers to investigate and implement laser peening into their products. The ability of these companies to integrate laser-peening equipment directly into their own facilities will greatly improve their manufacturing capability and it will add significant value for their product line and customers.

Figure Artist rendition of the Procudo™ 200 Laser Peening System.

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