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in Vol. 16 - July Issue - Year 2015
A Fully Italian Model to Grow
Dr. Filippo Busi, TURBOTECNICA Sales Manager

Dr. Filippo Busi, TURBOTECNICA Sales Manager

Compressed air shot-blasting machine type AC-PR 1-AT for the light weapons sector

Compressed air shot-blasting machine type AC-PR 1-AT for the light weapons sector

Rotating table shot-blasting machine type TRV 60/100 for the automotive sector

Rotating table shot-blasting machine type TRV 60/100 for the automotive sector

MFN had the pleasure to talk to Dr. Filippo Busi, TURBOTECNICA Sales Manager.

(?) MFN: Mr. Busi, firstly, thank you for dedicating some of your time to this interview. Could you please quickly introduce TURBOTECNICA SPA and yourself to our readers?

(!) F. B.: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to you.
TURBOTECNICA is a medium-size owner-managed Italian manufacturer of standard and customized shot-blasting machines.
TURBOTECNICA produces automatic shot-blasting machines with turbines, shot-blasting manual rooms and air compressed automatic equipment.
I am responsible for the sale of our shot-blasting equipment in Italy, Russia and in the main European countries.

(?) MFN: Which are the main sectors of interest for TURBOTECNICA SPA?

(!) F. B.: TURBOTECNICA covers the whole range of shot-blasting equipment for several sectors like the automotive, gas cylinders, foundries, pipes, steel constructions and springs industries.

(?) MFN: Could you please tell us how you manage your presence in the international market?

(!) F. B.: TURBOTECNICA was founded in 1978 by the actual owner Mr. Rosaldo Pezzoni. In three years time, we will celebrate the company's 40th anniversary.
TURBOTECNICA employs a little under 40 employees. The factory located in Legnano (Milano) covers an area of 6,000 m2.
Since the beginning in 1978, the company has steadily grown and has continuously enhanced its products and service range.
Today our shot-blasting machines are running in more than 20-25 countries around the world from Europe, South and North America, Africa and India.
Our machines are mainly customized machines designed and produced following the different needs of our worldwide customers.

(?) MFN: What are the market strategies of TURBOTECNICA and what do you think a customer expects from your company?

(!) F. B.: Eight years ago, the owner of TURBOTECNICA, Mr. Pezzoni, decided to organize a new production unit complete with a plasma-cutting machine, bending machine and welding stations for the preparation of the welded structures of our shot-blasting installations.
Nowadays TURBOTECNICA is a completely integrated factory.
This investment has been strategic to approach the export market and to increase our presence in the main export countries. The actual integrated company gives us the possibility to check the quality of our products, the lead-time and the fabrication cost on a daily basis.
The attention to the quality of the product, the respect of the delivery time, and the control of the production costs have been strategic to increase our world-wide presence. Today we export approximately 85% of our turnover.
TURBOTECNICA invests important resources every year in terms of research of new wear-proof materials and in terms of design of new prototype machines.
The secret and the core of our success lie in the capability of our Technical Department to study new machines and to upgrade the existing machines, with the support of our 3D technology.
We are very well known for our flexibility and for our commercial reactivity. TURBOTECNICA can produce "customized" machines at a very competitive price and can react very quickly to the various exigencies of the market.
Our machines are manufactured according to the rules and standards in force in the European Union. Our machines have the CE marking and TURBOTECNICA is certified ISO 9001. TURBOTECNICA is very sensitive to safety and environmental parameters.
TURBOTECNICA Company is totally integrated with a warehouse, where we keep all the consumables for "prompt delivery".
We have a very reactive "post Sales" organization with skilled technicians for the commissioning and maintenance of our machines. This is the reason why a medium-sized company like TURBOTECNICA can compete world-wide with big German and American companies.

MFN would like to thank Dr. Filippo Busi for this interview!

For Information:
Via N. Machiavelli 19/21
20025 Legnano (MI), Italy
Tel. + 39.0331.576744-47
Fax + 39.0331.576745
E-mail: info@turbotecnica.it