VOL. 16 July ISSUE YEAR 2015


in Vol. 16 - July Issue - Year 2015
Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. Announcing Expansion and Relocation this August 2015

International machinery shipments to South Africa and China

International machinery shipments to South Africa and China

The team at Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. (Langtry) are anxiously looking forward to their relocation and facility expansion coming up in August of this year. As a world leader in the design and manufacturing of custom blast equipment, Langtry has experienced continued growth in both domestic and international markets. To accommodate this growth, they have purchased a new facility to better meet the increased demand and expanded product line. Burlington will remain the company's home location and the new facility will be located just a few kilometers east of its current one.

This expansion more than doubles the manufacturing capability and will allow Langtry to better support their customer's needs and accommodate their growing list of orders for new equipment. With more office space and a much larger production area, they will be able to expand customer service, engineering, electrical and application capabilities. This will allow Langtry to better serve its customers while allowing for continued growth and development.

"I am looking forward to expanding our facilities here in Burlington", commented Michael Langtry, President and Owner. "Working in our current location has become quite a challenge in regards to space. In the last three years, we have seen a significant growth in sales, due in part to our partnerships with Shockform Aeronautique in the Montreal area and our sales team in Asia. We have worked hard to exceed our customer's expectations and have continued to develop our products, solutions and services but we are running out of space within our current manufacturing facility. To continue with this growth, we must expand to a larger facility to continue offering world-wide service and support to all of customers."

Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. will celebrate its Relocation with an exciting Grand Opening Celebration sometime during the months of September/October.

Langtry designs and manufactures custom equipment for a host of different industries and applications including:

Shot peening
Blast Cleaning
Double Peening
Blast/Paint Rooms
Surface Preparation
Dust Collectors
Peen Forming

Langtry offers a 24/7 maintenance and service department to support customers on multiple shifts when they need it the most. The preventative maintenance programs are custom designed for the customer's equipment, ensuring that essential components of the equipment are checked and monitored on a regular basis. They also offer a calibration service for blast equipment for the purposes of internal and external auditing.

Supplying spares parts has always been an important portion of the business and Langtry has many spare parts in stock and can deliver them quickly all over the world. ISO 9001 procedures ensure that third party products are competitively priced and that manufactured and assembled parts pass rigorous quality assurance standards. A dedicated shipping department ensures fast turn-around on all parts.

With 25 years of experience in quality design, manufacturing and maintenance programs, Langtry Blast Technologies meet standards such as ISO 9001:2008, CWB (W47.1-09 & W59-03), AMS2430, AMS2432 and Controlled Goods of Canada.

Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. is proud of its new expanded facility and looks forward to serving more customers with its high quality equipment, services and attention to detail.

Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. creating custom equipment and solutions for all applications.

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