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Waffles - Not Just For Breakfast!
Figure 1 - waffle floor recovery system layout

Figure 1 - waffle floor recovery system layout

Figure 2 - waffle floor module

Figure 2 - waffle floor module

Figure 3 - abrasive media reclaimer separation system

Figure 3 - abrasive media reclaimer separation system

Figure 4 - typical full waffle floor blast room layout

Figure 4 - typical full waffle floor blast room layout

Figure 5 - four waffle floor modules system under factory test

Figure 5 - four waffle floor modules system under factory test

The PanBlast™ Waffle Floor Abrasive Media Recovery System is a unique and modular pneumatic vacuum recovery system, which can be integrated into any blast room application, either as retrofit to an existing installation, or incorporated within a brand new construction.

Its many benefits over conventional mechanical recovery systems such as screw conveyors or scraper floors include:
No Moving Parts - Other than the rotating action of the fan impeller fitted on the dust collection system, there are no moving parts in the entire system, thereby minimizing maintenance requirements and virtually eliminating operational downtime.
High Floor Loadings - The triangulated construction of the waffle module makes it extremely strong, allowing trolley tracks and work cars etc.… to operate directly on top of the waffle modules.
No Special Foundations - The waffle modules can be located directly on top of any flat, level surface, or can be recessed flush with an existing floor, providing a substantial cost saving in comparison to mechanical recovery systems requiring extensive excavation costs.
Any Abrasive Media Type - All types of abrasive media can be used with the waffle floor recovery system including metallic grits, garnet, glass bead, aluminium oxide and plastic media.
Multi Purpose - The waffle floor system is ideal for use in dual purpose blast and paint rooms - the pneumatic vacuum recovery system circumvents clogging, plugging or jamming issues associated with residual paint getting into mechanical recovery systems.
Wide Range Of Configurations - The waffle floor recovery system can be adapted to suit any blast room size providing either full floor or partial abrasive media recovery.
Ventilating Air - In small blast room applications, or full floor concentrator systems, the recovery air can also ventilate the blast room and clear the airborne dust, without the need for additional capital outlay on a ventilation dust collection system.

A product video of the system can be viewed at: http://www.panblast.com/videos.acv

How The Waffle Floor Recovery System Works

The Waffle Floor Module is fabricated from mild steel plate, typically 2-3mm thick. It consists of a folded tray, which forms the bottom of the waffle as well as the sides, with a folded inverted "V" section, which forms the center duct. The abrasive feed slots for abrasive recovery are cut into this section prior to fabrication. Fitting folded diamond-shaped sections into the "V" between the outside wall of the tray and the center duct form the individual waffle recovery hoppers, all of which are securely welded together.

High velocity air is drawn through the center duct and down the length of the waffle module. As the abrasive media falls into the individual hoppers and drains through the abrasive feed slots, it is pneumatically conveyed down the center duct to the adjustable cyclonic reclaimer assembly.

The abrasive media recovered by the waffle module is then conveyed up to the adjustable cyclonic reclaimer assembly by either a fabricated ducting assembly or heavy-duty suction hose. The adjustable cyclonic reclaimer assembly efficiently separates dust and fines from good abrasive media whilst also capturing oversize particles via the debris screen.

The reverse pulse jet dust collection system is outfitted with high efficiency filter cartridges, which capture the fines and dust generated by the abrasive blasting process, allowing only clean air to be discharged to the atmosphere.

How To Layout Waffle Floor Recovery System Modules

The waffle floor modules are available in three standard widths and customizable lengths:
600mm wide x up to maximum 6 meters long
1000mm wide x up to maximum 20 meters long
1500mm wide x up to maximum 30 meters long

As the sides of the hoppers are always set at 450, the depth of any waffle module, regardless of the width, will always be (¼) of its width. Therefore, a 600mm wide waffle is 150mm deep, a 1000mm wide waffle is 275mm deep and a 1500mm wide waffle is 375mm deep.
The most common waffle floor layouts are single, twin or triple module systems. These are usually located down the sidewalls of the blast rooms for optimum abrasive media collection, but they can also run across the blast room width if required.

Systems with requirements for trolley and tracks inside of the blast room generally require three waffle modules, with one module located between the tracks. This is to cater for any abrasive media left between the tracks, which can be difficult to recover otherwise.

Full waffle floor blast rooms are the ultimate abrasive media recovery solution to maximize operator productivity, allowing the highest production rates, since there will be zero downtime between blasting cycles for abrasive sweeping.

The abrasive media reclaimer size required is generally dependent on the size and number of waffle modules being selected for the system. Standard cyclonic reclaimer assemblies are as follows:

All reclaimers and waffle floor modules are assembled and factory tested prior to dismantling and packing into standard shipping containers for shipment worldwide and subsequently integrated into local blast room projects.

Recoverable Abrasive Media Types

The Waffle Floor Recovery System can operate successfully on all common types of abrasive media including:
Metallic Grits (both Steel Grit and Chilled Iron Grit)
Glass Beads
Aluminium Oxide
Plastic Media
Organics (Nutshell, Corn Cob, etc.)
Metallic Shot (although rarely used in Blast Rooms)

One Stop Global Partner

Panblast designs, develops and manufactures top quality equipment, accessories and parts for the global surface preparation industry, and these are marketed and sold in over 80 countries worldwide via an extensive network of distributors, dealers and OEM partners.

Contact Panblast today with details of your blast room application so we can assist with laying out a suitable PanBlast™ Waffle Floor Abrasive Media Recovery System to suit your requirements.

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