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in Vol. 16 - November Issue - Year 2015
Research And Enthusiasm Even After 15 Years Of Success
Robotic peening on turbine blade

Robotic peening on turbine blade

Brainstorming at the University

Brainstorming at the University

From left to right:

From left to right:

Peen Service plant in Bologna, Italy

Peen Service plant in Bologna, Italy

For 15 years, research has been their philosophy

Real research does more than solve problems: it avoids any. For that reason, research has to move ahead, anticipating the needs and developing solutions even before they become necessary. This is the strong opinion according to which, in 2000, Peen Service was founded. In the very beginning, Peen Service was almost exclusively a research center on shot peening, but as time went by, extended its activities into becoming also a job shop for impact surface treatments. Through the years, this research approach has become the daily rule that has led Peen Service to be one of the top companies in the world of shot peening.

A history of continuous growing

Peen Service's whole history began in 1985 with the creation of "Norblast Service"; a Norblast division dedicated to research and development on shot peening and impact surface treatments.
Nowadays it is quite easy to consider shot peening as one of the most effective ways to extend the life or to increase the fatigue limit of metallic components. More than twenty years ago, it was all another thing.
In order to thoroughly investigate that field, "Norblast Service" created something like a research network involving its clients and Italian Universities on common interest projects.
With the new millennium, the division has acquired an independent identity, and Peen Service was founded. Peen Service's work takes place in a small and immense area: where technical aspects, intelligence and evolutionary views meet together.

The "Anti-Age" treatments

Shot peening is the most effective method for preventing the effects of mechanical fatigue on metallic components. The results of the treatments can be increased through experimental plans based on the specific application needs.
Experience and know-how are the fundamental pillars on which this process is founded.

Today is tomorrow

Peen Service supports its customers with an accurate consultancy service on treatments, with a test center for research on processes and with a highly technological job shop. Peen Service activity fields include Formula 1, Aviation, Energy, Marine, Automotive, and Automatic Machines etc. Prestigious companies from all over the world have chosen Peen Service for what it is able to do and for what it will be able to do tomorrow.

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