MFN Trainer Column

in Vol. 4 - July Issue - Year 2003
The MFN Trainer Column

This column is a regular feature and will be authored by one of our MFN trainers. Readers are invited to send comments or questions to info@mfn.li. For more information about the trainers, see www.mfn.li link workshops.

by Giovanni Gregorat

I’ve been given the privilege of inaugurating a new feature in this magazine called The MFN Trainer Column. The idea for such an initiative was born and grew unnoticed in the past few months as our nascent group of MFN trainers started developing the workshop program. Who does what? What tutorial material is needed in order to make the program both instructive and interesting? And where do we get this material? As anybody who has ever organized a workshop or a seminar knows very well, these questions are not easy to answer. Team effort became essential. Not an easy task, when you consider that our group of trainers is spread out over three continents! In addition to relying on our own internal resources, we approached many outside individuals and companies. Their enthusiastic response made us realize that we were on the right track, as the trickle of ideas and material soon developed into a flow at a speed that took us by surprise.

Our training format was attracting considerable interest among industries. It quickly became obvious that we needed some means by which technical issues and questions could be examined all year round and not only during workshops. That’s how this column got started. The postponement of this year’s workshop in Singapore from June to November because of force majeure, as you will read elsewhere in this issue, gave us time to think about this requirement and to find an appropriate solution.

So what exactly is the purpose of the MFN Trainer Column? It will be a platform for our trainers to present various topics related to peening and surface treatment and to answer comments or questions submitted by our readers. We would like trainers and readers to establish a two-way flow of information and to encourage discussion. If we manage to recreate a workshop atmosphere in this column, then our efforts will have been successful.

Giovanni Gregorat, Sales Manager Pometon S.p.A.

Author: Giovanni Gregorat