in Vol. 17 - January Issue - Year 2016
Modern Tools For Distributor Support Worldwide

Supporting and training distributors worldwide is traditionally an expensive and time-consuming process, both for distributors and the manufacturer due to expansive geographical distances, ongoing travel costs, and company downtime incurred as a result of conventional classroom training seminars. To mitigate these issues, and using its 60+ years knowledge and experience in the industry, Panblast has built a new e-learning platform on its website for login by qualified distributors.

After logging into the e-learning platform, distributors may view, and select from any of the fourteen training videos as listed below:
• Introduction To Surface Preparation - An introduction to the various alternate and complementary forms of chemical and mechanical methods of surface preparation.
• Airless Spray Painting - An overview on the applications and use of airless spray painting equipment for coating applications.
• Abrasive Media Types - A comprehensive overview of abrasive media types for abrasive blast cleaning applications, and properties that impact on surface profiles.
• Open Blasting - Covers open blasting equipment, process techniques and surface preparation standards.
• Operator Protection - Using correct blast operator protection systems and conformance to regulatory PPE standards.
• Pressure Blast Pot Components - This video covers the key components required for the modern abrasive blast or pressure blast pot. Key components include inlet and outlet port control valves, remote control or deadman handles, abrasive media mixing valves and miscellaneous accessories required for optimal blast pot performance.
• Cabinet Blasting - Covers common sizes and types of enclosed cabinet blasting systems, both suction and pressure blast for small and medium sized work pieces.
• Abrasive Media Recycling and Closed Circuit Blasting - An educational video on spent abrasive media recovery and recycling, plus equipment for encapsulated closed circuit blasting.
• Blast Rooms and Waffle Floor Media Recovery - A comprehensive training video on blast rooms and media recovery systems.
• Compressed Air Treatment and Dust Control Systems - Factors to consider when choosing compressed air treatment and dust control systems for abrasive blasting and airless spray coating applications.
• Airless Wheel Blasting - An overview of the airless wheel blasting process and required equipment.
• Shot Peening - An introduction to the complex subject of shot peening, including peening media, peening equipment and process techniques.
• Mass Finishing - An overview of media, chemical compounds and equipment used for mass finishing processes.
• Process Selection - How to choose and decide on the most appropriate surface preparation technique for a given application requirement.

Five of the above training videos are public domain and can be viewed via this link: http://www.panblast.com/videos.acv.

Upon completion of the online self-learning and self-testing training modules, distributors may also schedule live face-to-face training via Skype to consolidate the knowledge learnt from the Panblast e-learning platform, or to address any questions they may have on the subjects covered.

Additional support for distributors or end users requiring "real-time" technical or customer service assistance on a day-to-day basis is also possible via an online live chat widget located at the lower right hand corner of the Panblast website.

Training Certification

Training certificates are automatically issued to trainees who take, and pass the online tests associated with each subject module. Sixty minutes are allocated for each open book test and trainees have unlimited attempts to pass each test module. The contents of the online tests supplement training video content and will maximize each trainee's understanding of the subject matter when taken after viewing the training video, study of downloadable supplementary training materials and adequate Internet research.

For motivated distributors who wish to be technically certified, more comprehensive online testing across multiple subject modules is also available with gold, silver or bronze certificates of achievement issued to trainees passing these tests.

Distributors who have obtained either gold or silver certification will also have the added benefit of being eligible for additional advanced "brand champion" classroom and hands-on training modules that cover: hands-on product usage and applications, practical case studies plus process and equipment trouble shooting. In this instance, company downtime cannot be avoided, but with the completion of prior online preparatory training and testing, classroom participants have adequate background and knowledge to commence immediately at an advanced level and progress through the training content at a more rapid pace to minimize the classroom time required while still covering a lot of material.

Brand New Product Catalog

After a three-year marketing effort, this new format product catalog replaces the product support manual, which has been in circulation since the late 1990s. Four sheets in the catalog represent each product, with the first page hosting product features and common applications of the product prominently in a text block on the lower right corner. Next to the text block is a complementary products section that shows eight additional products, which provide the industry with the latest related product grouping that are commonly utilized in conjunction with the featured product. On the second page, the key component features of the product are highlighted via a three-dimensional graphic of the featured product and a tabulated summary. On the third page of the featured product, there is an exploded view of the product assembly to further breakdown its main sub-components. At the bottom of this page, the product stock codes for the featured product are listed along with available accessories. Finally, on the fourth page, a parts list of all the main sub-components is shown in three-dimensional graphical form along with associated component stock codes and a tabulated summary of sub-component descriptions.

This comprehensive product catalog is available in bound hardcopy and also online via cloud on demand e-catalog or PDF download on the Panblast website.

One Stop Global Partner

Panblast designs, develops and manufactures top quality equipment, accessories and parts for the global surface preparation industry that are marketed and sold in over 80 countries worldwide via an extensive network of distributors, dealers and OEM partners.

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