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Explore Surface Finishing New Market with SF EXPO China

SF EXPO is the most professional and fastest-growing surface finishing industry exhibition in China. It is also the only global surface finishing event approved by UFI. SF EXPO makes crucial contributions to international trade and technology exchange of surface finishing industry, and has been held for 11 sessions in Guangzhou. The 11th Guangzhou International Surface Finishing Exhibition has come to a satisfactory ending on May 13th, 2015. The 3-day exhibition attracted 13,749 visitors and 289 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions. The number of visitors surpasses the record again.

To better serve the Southwest China market, SF EXPO strategically decided to hold SF EXPO biennially in Chongqing. The first (Chongqing) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition, 2014 SF EXPO Chongqing for short, successfully took place on April 23-25, 2014 in Chongqing. SF EXPO Chongqing has received great support from both international and domestic associations, media and exhibitors since its inception. This 1st exhibition has successfully attracted 217 companies to exhibit and 9,562 visits in total from 11 countries and regions. It indicates that surface finishing companies are eager to explore this big new market.

Emerging Big Market for Surface Finishing

Southwest China has become the main engine of China economic growth in recent years. With government support, Chinese industries are expanding from east to west; thus, business investment has increased rapidly in the west.

As an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry, surface finishing is in great demand for the development in the southwest. Many electroplating parks and surface finishing processing zones are set up to introduce electronic plating, plastic plating, metal plating, anodic oxidation, phosphate, spray, electrophoresis and other kinds of surface treatment enterprises.

Top Surface Finishing Companies Gather in 2016

SF EXPO China 2016 will be held on May 11-13, 2016 in Chongqing International Expo Center (Yuelai New City) by China Electroplating Association, China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch, Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co. Ltd, and local associations in the southwest China. With these joint efforts, it is expected to hold a number of national surface engineering conferences and forums, and an investigation mission for plating base and spot consulting services to make a surface finishing industry pageant in the Southwest China with Chongqing as the center.

SF EXPO Organizers

• China Electroplating Association
• China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch
• Chongqing Surface Engineering Association
• Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Society
• Chongqing Painting Industry Association
• Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd.

SF EXPO Exhibit Scope

1. Electroplating - equipment and auxiliary equipment, raw materials and additives, processing and detect equipment
2. Painting/Coating - wire, Coating engineering design, Painting/Coating equipment and auxiliary equipment, Industry coating products, Coating processing
3. Mechanical Finishing - Shot blasting, sandblasting, wire drawing, polishing, abrasion and other surface finishing equipment and agent
4. Vacuum Evaporation Coating - Equipment and craftwork of Vacuum Evaporation Coating, ITO material, detecting instrument
5. Other Surface Finishing Process

Joint Events Help to Gain Technical and Market Insights

China Electroplating Association and other SF EXPO organizers join hands to hold a series of concurrent forums, seminars and investigation trips during SF EXPO 2016. It aims to deliver the latest market info and provide a platform for training and networking with industry professionals.

1. Investigation Mission to Southwest China Surface Finishing Market
Visit surface industrial park and meet with downstream companies on May 12, aiming to help foreign enterprises to open Chinese market.

2. Chongqing International Surface Engineering Forum
The forum is organized by Chongqing Association for Science and Technology, and executed by Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Society, Chongqing Surface Engineering Association, Logistic Engineering University of PLA, to discuss the surface engineering in Chongqing.

3. The 19th National Paint & Coatings and Surface Protection Conference
The conference will invite anti-corrosion, coating and surface protection experts to make speeches. Participants will be researchers from academic institutions and engineers from surface treatment application companies, with 150 participants in the estimated list.

4. Chongqing Automotive Surface Technology Seminar 
The seminar will invite 200 surface engineers from automobile and accessories companies, including Lifan, DFSK, Jialing, Changan, Jianshe and Hongyu Precision.

5. Surface Finishing New Products & Technology Promotion Conference
This is a promotion and presentation opportunity for famous surface finishing suppliers to display their latest products and service to all the exhibition visitors in an open area. Suppliers' applications are welcomed.

6. Concurrent exhibition - Lijia International Machinery Exhibition
Lijia International Machinery Exhibition will be held at the same time with SF EXPO 2016, by sharing over 100 thousand professional buyers. Its machine tool, mold, foundry, heat treatment and fastener exhibitors are the downstream companies of SF EXPO exhibitors.

The new markets have become more and more important for surface finishing companies. Following the development trend is a way to expand business. Let's take prompt action to seize the advantage of new markets! To learn more, please visit www.sf-expo.cn/cq/en.

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