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in Vol. 17 - March Issue - Year 2016
A 20-Year-Old Success Story
Two generations of a family business Mr. Chircu Corneliu Stelian, Founder and President, and Mrs. Corina Maria Nitescu, Commercial Manager of Chircu Prod-Impex Company

Two generations of a family business Mr. Chircu Corneliu Stelian, Founder and President, and Mrs. Corina Maria Nitescu, Commercial Manager of Chircu Prod-Impex Company

CHIRCU manufactures top-quality products

CHIRCU manufactures top-quality products

MFN was able to get an interview with Corina Maria Nitescu, Commercial Manager and daughter of the founding member of Chircu Prod-Impex Company.

(?) MFN: What is Chircu Prod-Impex Company?

(!) C. M. N.: Chircu Prod-Impex Company is a family business from Eastern Europe, Romania, built up and developed upon Western European standards. I do consider CHIRCU is a success story set up by my father and developed by our family.

(?) MFN: Which are the main parts of the CHIRCU's story?

(!) C. M. N.: My father set up Chircu Prod-Impex Company in 1995 and started the production of steel fiber for concrete reinforcement, having all the necessary elements for developing such a production: the know-how, European customers, and very good connections in the local market of raw materials suppliers.

The Company benefited from the long experience of my father Mr. Chircu Corneliu, acting as Shareholder and President and having over 40 years of experience in the field of steel wires and ropes accumulated during his tenure with the company Cablul Romanesc - the main wire ropes producer in Romania and Metal Export Import - Romanian company specialized in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The work experience and his education in the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, Faculty of Metallurgical Sciences served Mr. Chircu in setting up and developing a successful business. My mother was also founder and financial manager of the Company, due to her broad expertise in management and foreign trade.

As the business was increasing and the customer portfolio was enlarging both at domestic and at international levels, the management decided in 1997 to expand and to invest in a new production facility for manufacturing spherical-conditioned cut wire for shot peening and cylindrical cut wire for shot blasting. The production was entirely dedicated to the international market, as the local market was under-developed. As a consequence, Chircu Prod-Impex Company is the only manufacturer of spherical-conditioned cut wire and cylindrical cut wire in Romania, even nowadays.

The management of Chircu identified a new opportunity for a new investment when the European Union and the US legislation regarding hunting started to become more restrictive and forbade cartridges filled with lead shot. A production line for manufacturing ecological shot for hunting was installed in the factory in 2004. For this product also, the Company is the sole producer in Romania, and one of the two producers in Europe. Chircu Prod-Impex is the supplier for world-famous cartridges manufacturers at the international level.

(?) MFN: Can you name three important moments within this 20-year-time for Chircu Prod-Impex?

(!) C. M. N.: There are many important moments in the life of a family business that have reached all over the world but I will emphasize three of them: 1) When we managed to supply for the first time, one of the top global names in the automotive industry and we received direct feedback and congratulations for the quality of our products; 2) When we analyzed the activity of the Company and realized that we, as a family business, with passion and great effort, supplied international companies from 35 countries and 5 continents with our products; 3) When after the financial crisis from 2008, due to our visionary business model, due to the effort and talent of our people, we managed to come out stronger and continue our journey.

(?) MFN: What represents Chircu Prod-Impex, when turning 20 years old, for the products and industries it is supplying?

(!) C. M. N.: CHIRCU is manufacturing its range of products within the facilities located in Valea Calugareasca, Prahova Region, an important logistics and industrial area situated 70 km from Bucharest, South East of Romania and around 200 km from the port of Constanta, at the Black Sea.

The innovative products for domestic and international markets, manufactured by CHIRCU are: steel fibers for concrete reinforcement, cylindrical cut wire for shot blasting, spherical conditioned cut wire for shot peening, steel wool, chopped steel wool, ecological steel shot for hunting, and milled cut steel fibers. We are proud to support a large variety of industries where our products are used: constructions-infrastructures, the automotive industry, aerospace industry, shipping industry, ammunition, furniture industry and important customers from all over the world from different continents: Europe (e.g. Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Holland, Switzerland, etc.), South America (e.g. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico), North America & Canada, Asia (e.g. China, Korea, Japan), Africa, and Australia.

The cut wire is manufactured according to International Standards, in different grades, and having different hardness parameters. CHIRCU is adapting its capacities in order to support customers in specialized projects.

CHIRCU is an internationally recognized industry brand, ranked amongst the few leading producers in the metallurgical industry, with unique expertise. As recognition of its commitment to quality, the company has received many international and national awards. The Company focuses on the quality of the products, not on the quantity.

(?) MFN: From when you joined  CHIRCU, what has been your role within the company?

(!) C. M. N.: I can say that I grow up in the metallurgical environment, together with the company, but I effectively joined CHIRCU in 2000, as a junior in the International Trade Department. I have also devoted a lot of time in the factory, being part of different teams involved in the production process (e.g. checking the raw material, planning the production lines, checking the manufacturing process, labeling & quality control).

After 7 years of work both in trade and production activities, I was promoted to a management position in order to set up a commercial department. Since then, I have been acting as Commercial Manager for CHIRCU being in charge of sales and commercial strategy for the company. My main focus is to create and develop a value-added chain between our suppliers and clients, based on responsibility in approaching issues in a changing environment, effective communication, and strong commitment towards problem solving with tailor-made solutions.
(?) MFN: What is next for Chircu Prod-Impex?

(!) C. M. N.: As the world is changing, CHIRCU is adapting and reshaping the business. Nevertheless, we maintain and put even more focus on our strongest points: the focus on quality of our products, the focus on long term relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers from all over the world, the care for our people within the continuous learning and development program for competence, and the strong commitment to continue and develop our work.

My father managed to develop a management team that will continue to work with dedication to develop and grow the CHIRCU business. The Company managed to learn from the financial crisis and to adapt its business model gradually.

CHIRCU will focus on developing strategic partnerships and to design, in a creative manner, some packages of products in order to support the further needs for specific industries and to adapt to the newest technological developments.

CHIRCU will use the advantages of being an SME (e.g. flexibility, quick decisions, strong relationships with employees, quality control for the manufacturing process and "personal touch") as well as the advantages of being a global exporter of products, in different markets, to top international ranked companies, learning, complying with various requirements and meeting high standards.

CHIRCU will continue to deliver top-quality products for the next 20 years!

MFN would like to thank Corina Maria Nitescu for this interview!

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