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in Vol. 17 - May Issue - Year 2016
30th International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies, Milan (Italy), June 29th-July 1st, 2016

Mario Guagliano

Mario Guagliano

The 30th International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies (SMT30) will be hosted (29/6-1/7, 2016) at the Technical University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano), Italy, one of the top technical universities in Europe.
SMT30 is aimed at fostering research on surface engineering, promoting related international cooperation among scientists and engineers and providing means for the public dissemination of the results from these efforts. SMT30 covers progress on all aspects of surface modification techniques, from both the macroscopic and the microscopic viewpoints. The conference brings together users, producers and researchers, both engineers and scientists who have a common interest in the various aspects of surface behaviour, and aims at promoting and disseminating the most recent results in the field, making easier their implementation in the industrial world. Four plenary lectures by well-known people in the field are planned and will cover the main aspects of surface engineering; special sessions on topical subjects are to be announced.
Milan is recognized as one of the major world fashion and design capitals, is characterized by its dynamism, creativity and innovation, and is full of historical and cultural sites and monuments: the social program will allow discovery of the most attractive touristic places.
For further information and for a look at the program and the social program, visit www.smt30.org.

Special Guest Editor for May 2016
Mario Guagliano, Contributing Editor
MFN and Full Professor at the
Technical University of Milan
E-mail: mario.guagliano@polimi.it