VOL. 17 July ISSUE YEAR 2016


in Vol. 17 - July Issue - Year 2016
ExpoCoating Moscow Is The Shortest Way To The Russian Consumers

The 14th International exhibition of technologies, equipment and materials for surface treatment and coatings application ExpoCoating Moscow will be held on October 25-27, 2016 at International exhibition centre Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia.

ExpoCoating Moscow is Russia's largest considering the number of participants and visitors at this specialised international exhibition of technologies, equipment and materials for surface treatment and application of coatings on metals, alloys, plastics, wood, ceramics and concrete.

Common Categories:
• Preparation and Surface Treatment
• Electroplating
• Paintwork materials
• Protective Coatings
• Coatings with special properties
• Coating services
• Measuring and laboratory equipment
• Accessories and components

The exhibition is famous not only in Russia, but also abroad. About 25% of exhibitors are foreign companies. Participation in the exhibition allows them to find new clients from regions of Russia and some neighboring countries, where demand for new technologies that provide additional functionality and differing improved environmental performance is growing.

Companies' high interest to the exhibition confirms the results of the last exhibition:
• 97% of exhibitors plan to participate in the next exhibition
• 94% of exhibitors consider the participation to be useful for future sales of their company
• 69% of exhibitors found new clients and partners
• 19% of exhibitors have signed new contracts

In 2015, ExpoCoating Moscow exhibition was held twice a year in spring and autumn. These exhibitions were visited by specialists, who represented more than 1,800 enterprises of different industries. Meanwhile, 65% of the visitors did not attend other exhibitions of the same subjects.

From 2016, the exhibition will be held in the fall only alongside the international industrial exhibitions Testing & Control, NDT Russia, Mashex Moscow, PCVExpo, and Power Electronics. In 2015, about 13,000 visitors attended all six exhibitions. That allowed exhibitors to negotiate both with direct visitors, and with visitors who went to other exhibitions but were also interested in solving scientific and practical problems in the field of surface treatment and coatings application.

It is clear that using the exhibition potential can increase sales.

Exhibitors' opinion:

"We participated in the exhibition first of all to attract potential customers and expand the horizons of activity. Especially valuable is the communication with production technologists: an opportunity to learn firsthand about the challenges facing production, and about the difficulties they face. It's nice that this year, interest in our products was shown by visitors from different spheres of activity, with whom we plan to continue our long-term cooperation."
General Director of 'SurTek', D.V. Riabukhin
"Our company is a regular exhibitor at ExpoCoating Moscow. The exhibition attracts us with its clear focus, high level of organisation and, as a result - the quality of the visitors. Participation in the exhibition allows our company to present our products, negotiate with important customers, and expand the scope of business contacts. We believe that the relocation of the exhibition to 'Crocus Expo' raised the prestige of the event, allowing participants to take advantage of high-level service. We hope for further fruitful cooperation!"
General Director of 'TD Elma', A.N. Grigoriev
"The Swedish company KraftPowercon Sweden AB participated in ExpoCoating Moscow for the 7th time, and as always, everything went perfectly, thanks to the good organisation of the exhibition. This year is special for our company; it is celebrating its 80th birthday! A reception was organised for our clients at the huge exhibition stand of the company in honor of this momentous event."
Director of Business Flex Kraft, M. Brandt

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