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in Vol. 17 - September Issue - Year 2016
Innovative Chinese Manufacturer of Shot Peening and Blasting Equipment
Michael Chen, President of Kunshan Carthing Precision Co., Ltd (left) and Steven Baiker, Publisher of Metal Finishing News (right)

Michael Chen, President of Kunshan Carthing Precision Co., Ltd (left) and Steven Baiker, Publisher of Metal Finishing News (right)

CNC shot-peening machine

CNC shot-peening machine

Automatic production line

Automatic production line

Kunshan Carthing Precision Co.,Ltd

Kunshan Carthing Precision Co.,Ltd

CNC robotic shot-peening machine

CNC robotic shot-peening machine

MFN had the opportunity to welcome Michael Chen, President of Kunshan Carthing Precision Co., Ltd at the MFN headquarters in Switzerland. The two companies are doing shot peening workshops in China together and are enjoying a yearlong good relationship.

You are the leading manufacture of shot peening, peen forming and blasting machines in China. What type of machines are you manufacturing in terms of different applications? To what industries are you mainly delivering your machines?

For over a decade, Carthing Precision has persisted in providing customers with both professional and customized solutions based on their different requirements. We offer different types of shot-peening machines, such as KXS-2000P gear dedicated shot-peening machine, KXS-3000P CNC robotic shot-peening machine, KXS-3500P CNC shot-peening machine, KXS-3500W CNC liquid shot-peening machine, or KX-4000P pipeline internal surface shot-peening machine etc. We are also able to provide our customers with the most appropriate solution in large parts like nuclear power rotors, wing panels etc; or small parts like springs, fasteners and the like, as well as the proper use of steel shot, cut pill or ceramic ball, glass ball.
At present, our machines are mainly used in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, locomotives, automobiles, power station equipment, petroleum machinery, mining machinery, metallurgy, machinery and other high-end manufacturing industries.

Looking at the technology you provide, are there certain key technologies in which your company focuses its development on?

The R&D of our shot-peening machine is based on the characteristics of the shot-peening process in order to meet the stated customer requirements. In summary, we possess the core technologies that can stabilize the processing results, and this is precisely where the shot-peening process key point is located.

Being based in China, naturally China is your main market. However, are you looking at overseas markets as well?

As a Chinese company, China is our main market. Currently, more than 90 percent of our sales comes from the domestic market. Now my company is actively planning the development of the international market. First of all, after so many years of technology accumulation and quality improvement, Carthing Precision already has the strength to compete with leading international companies. We have set up an international marketing department, and we planned to use 2 years or so to complete a strategic plan laying out the entire international market, while progressively exporting Chinese-made high-quality shot-peening machines to the world, and making contributions to international shot-peening technology development.

Your company hosted several MFN shot peening workshops at your facility. So we assume that education and training plays an important role as far as good customer service concerns. What are your thought on that issue?

First of all, I would like to thank MFN for choosing Carthing Precision as the shot- peening training base in China. It is our pleasure to provide the training assistance for MFN in China.
Process control for shot-peening technical results is very important. In previous market practice, I have noticed that many customers attach importance to the condition of hardware such as machine tools and shots, but they are ignoring the process control, which results in peening modalities that cannot meet the customer requirements. Accordingly, we have organized several technical training events for our customers.
MFN is a professional training institution with a strong faculty and a wealth of training experience. I firmly believe that, after preliminary exploration, MFN and Carthing Precision to work hand in hand,  will promote Chinese numerous shot peening users' specialization and really play peening strengthening effect on the product.

You are the Secretary of the 4th National Academic Conference on Shot Peening Technology, which is China’s largest event of this kind. Please introduce the purpose of this event. Furthermore, what are your responsibilities at this conference.

After entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of China's manufacturing sector, shot-peening applications quickly radiated from aviation to cars and other high-end manufacturing.
Based on this development, in 2009, we founded a China Shot-blasting Technology specialized committee. Its main purpose was to create a platform for mutual learning, exchange of ideas and unity of power in advancing the Chinese blasting industry. With the strong support of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, the committee held its first session in Dafeng City, Jiangsu Province in June 2010, and elected me to serve as secretary general.
In May, the 4th National Academic Conference on Shot Peening Technology was held in Changzhou City Jiangsu Province. Over 200 experts, scholars, engineering technicians, and instrument manufacturers’ representatives who come from domestic and overseas (United States, France, Canada, Japan, Taiwan R.O.C., etc.) blasting industries (including universities, institutions and business enterprises) participated in this event. We shared and discussed the theories of peening process and equipment while exploring and discussing the development of blasting technology.
As secretary-general, I am responsible for organizing these work-related activities in accordance with the constitution.

It is said that your company is working with a European company to discuss cooperation matters, so could you tell us about it?

Okay. Carthing Precision is negotiating with a well-known European company concerning shot-peening and peen-forming technical cooperation matters. This company has a long history and the core technology of shot-peening and peen-forming. On the other hand, our company possesses advanced shot-peening and peen-forming machinery design and manufacturing technology; therefore, both parties complement each other. The successful cooperation will further enhance Carthing Precision to provide customers with "Device-Technology-Process control" system solutions. Of course, it will also provide a strong platform to develop the Chinese market for their benefit. At present, after several high-level contacts and mutual visits, good mutual trust has been established and cooperation is well-advanced.

What are your main business goals in future years to come?

In the future, we will continue to adhere to the professional development strategies while increasing technical R&D investment to provide our customers with intelligent and environmentally sound shot-peening machines.
As the leader in the shot-peening field in China, I firmly believe that through solid and effective work, we will be able to become an internationally competitive shot-peening and surface-finishing machinery R & D and manufacturing enterprise. Both machinery and technology areas of Chinese shot-peening and surface-finishing  will be able to occupy a place in the international arena.

MFN would like to thank Michael Chen for the interview!

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