VOL. 4 July ISSUE YEAR 2003


in Vol. 4 - July Issue - Year 2003
AGTOS made First-Time Appearance at GIFA

Together with partner companies, AGTOS offers a comprehensive product line-up of surface preparation technology for the foundry sector. This line-up includes turbine-wheel and compressed air blasting machines, transport systems, and coating and drying technologies. The program also includes the retrofitting of existing installations with magnetic air classifiers, as well as the delivery of used machinery and spare parts for machines from many different manufacturers.
The AGTOS exhibit at GIFA gave fairgoers a chance to convince themselves of the advantages offered by an AGTOS tumble blast unit for the processing of many different kinds of work pieces. Also in the spotlight was innovative filter technology that offers many advantages, particularly with regard to maintenance.
Besides the basic investment in the equipment itself, ongoing operating costs play an important role in blasting installations. Spare parts management and the replacement costs for parts lost to wear and tear strongly influence these operating costs. Insofar as they make technological sense, other production methods and materials are used to cut costs here by producing longer-lasting, more cost-effective parts — for example, the links in steel mill tumble blast machines.

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