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in Vol. 17 - November Issue - Year 2016
Green Button Operation
Shot velocity sensor measurement displayed on PC

Shot velocity sensor measurement displayed on PC

2 off NeXt Generation robotic shot-peen machine ready for factory acceptance test runs

2 off NeXt Generation robotic shot-peen machine ready for factory acceptance test runs

HPT Disc peening with NeXt Generation tooling racks inside peening cabinet

HPT Disc peening with NeXt Generation tooling racks inside peening cabinet

The neXt generation shot-peening machines


Straaltechniek International BV is member of the Straaltechniek International Group and is a family-owned group of companies, which consists of 2 real estate companies and 8 manufacturing/trading companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The group is active in the fields of Surface Treatment and Industrial Air Handling.

Shot-peening Division

All shot-peening activities are centralised in the Dutch office in Oosterhout. Since the early 90's, Straaltechniek International has served the peening industry and during those years, Straaltechniek International has won contracts to build shot-peening machines for major OEM's and MRO's all over the world.

One of those deliveries has intensified the cooperation with a global leading aero-engine OEM, and together with this OEM, Straaltechniek International has started to develop the NeXt Generation shot-peening machines in 2012, ready for high-accuracy programming and controls and with unrevealed accuracies.

Components for the newest generation of commercial aircraft engines have very complex geometries, narrow tolerances, demanding surface treatment and enhancement requirements. These components need a wide variety of shot-peening tools and frequent peening nozzle and lance changes to access all of their surfaces.

NeXt Generation developments

The following improvements have been introduced in the NeXt Generation shot-peening machines;
process specific automation for the shot-peening environment.
green-button machine operation (no manual intervention after program start until part is fully processed).
one operator operating multiple peening machines.
part program exchangeability between multiple machines.
NeXt Generation fully automated nozzle- and lance-exchange system.
integrated shot velocity sensor technology.
integrated automated calibration systems.

Furthermore, a patented nozzle has been designed and successfully implemented, which is increasing the even distribution of compressive residual stresses in difficult accessible areas.

Shot peening has always been associated with very abrasive media, process dust and impact energy, making this industry a poor candidate for automation... until now.

In close cooperation with a global leading aero-engine OEM, project teams have been appointed to design the NeXt Generation fully automated shot-peening machine based on "green-button operation".

Green button operation stands for automated peening operations without manual interventions.

A big challenge for complicated geometries is however, a challenge that has been successfully conquered. The major step forward came when introducing the automated "tool exchanger".

Our new shot-peening system can robotically change from a conventional nozzle to a rotary lance, from rotary lances to spoon nozzles, and from spoon nozzles to hockey stick nozzles. Even the patented nozzle for curved slot shot peening can be robotically exchanged in the NeXt Generation nozzle exchange system.

Manually exchanging nozzles will lead to stopping the process and entering the shot-peening cabinet. One needs only to check nozzle alignment and run new Almen strip tests.

All of the above steps create non-productive, non-revenue-producing machine downtime.

The Straaltechniek International NeXt Generation nozzle exchange system uses a standard shot-peening hose, connected to the multi-media shot delivery system. A nozzle rack with 4 to 20 storage positions gives the users maximum flexibility to shot peen very complex geometries, narrow tolerances and demanding surface treatment requirements. Nozzles are equipped with RFID-technology so the machine intelligence will "recognise" if the correct nozzle is in place.

Reducing number of Almen tests

The second NeXt Generation feature is the shot velocity sensor. The shot velocity sensor is used to measure the velocity of shot media during shot peening.
It consists of a sensor with optical detectors for registering the moving shot and an electronic system with a PC for processing the signals and displaying the shot velocity. The shot velocity sensor records and stores all measurement data, providing a record of the peening process for further reference.

The shot velocity sensor is located in the ceiling of the shot peening cabinet, automatically extending for easy robot access and retracting for storage when not in use. Once programmed, the robot will present the peening nozzle to the sensor and the media velocity will be measured and compared to the part program requirements. After the velocity comparison is complete, the shot peening cycle can commence.

The media velocity is almost like a fingerprint - the shot-peening hose diameter and length create unique media velocity with each different media flow and air pressure.

Over time, the velocity slowly changes as the hose wears. The same is applicable to the shot-peening nozzle. Virtually each and every nozzle type, length and internal diameter has a unique velocity with a given media flow and air pressure parameter when the nozzle is new. The media velocity is altering as the nozzle slowly wears. This NeXt Generation feature provides very accurate monitoring of the shot-peening process to the point where many users are creating new shot-peening specifications that greatly extend the interval between Almen strip test runs. This results in substantial higher machine production availability figures. The Next Generation of Automated Shot-Peening systems has been designed and proven in the field.

When you have to process highly complex parts that require precise shot peening with high-accuracy repeatability, automation is the answer and with the exciting NeXt Generation features in our shot peening equipment, all is now possible.

Currently the Group exists with out of all the companies, around 150 people are employed in the Straaltechniek International Group

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