VOL. 17 November ISSUE YEAR 2016


in Vol. 17 - November Issue - Year 2016
Blasting Machines Run Sm@rt
ir sm@rt wheel

ir sm@rt wheel

Operation of module for sm@rt blades and sm@rt shields

Operation of module for sm@rt blades and sm@rt shields

ir sm@rt valve

ir sm@rt valve

We live in a fast changing World full of digitisation and IT technology. This helps us to achieve the results that were not possible over the past decades. Gostol TST takes full advantage of IT technology and uses it wisely in their production of blasting machines. With information and communication technology used in their sm@rt wheels, they achieved much higher levels of automatization, self-configuration and more transparent control on the state of the wheel. Gostol TST is matched with innovative IT solutions in the heart of industry 4.0. With the »Internet of Things« and sensor systems that collect data being used by manufacturers and producers, many experts say that the industry 4.0 means the fourth industrial revolution.

One of the important tasks during the blasting or peening process is to collect as much data as possible about the blasting machine and process. The collected data ensures us optimal functioning as well as monitoring and predicting the life span of spare parts. With the sensors and data transfer system installation, Gostol TST machines are really sm@rt machines.

Brains are now in the "heart" of the machine

The blasting wheel with sm@rt sensors that control the wear was developed in order to control the state of the wheel, to plan when spare parts change is needed, and to reduce the amount of spare parts for user. Sm@rt wheel has few important sensor parts: Sm@rt blades, Sm@rt shields, Wheel vibration control and Wheel amps control. With the whole system, you have control over the wheel situation as well as control of the blasting process.

No interruption of production

When the blades are worn to a certain point by abrasive, it gives you an output signal (on PLC, SMS or send a message / notification). When the blades are worn out 80 %, system gives you a signal so you have time to react and buy new blades. In case you do not react, when blades are worn out, the wheel stops working. All the alarms are collected in one station.

Check the condition of your wheel at any time

ir sm@rt shield sensors work on the same principle as blade sensors. The advantage of the system is to protect the machine and wheel housing. The most important thing is that the wheel gives you information on what condition it is in and information for order of spare parts. The advantage is that it is not necessary for you to have larger stock of shields.

Reduce the wear of the machine

To control the wheel vibrations, special sensors were developed that measure the vibrations of the wheel / rotor. With this, you have a guarantee that the rotor works within correct limits. If vibrations exceed the maximum limit, it gives you an output signal (on PLC, SMS or send a message / notification). These sensors also help to reduce the wear of the machine, its parts and the noise.

Ensure optimal operation of your machine

Wheel amps control measure amps on the wheels, which must always be set optimally. If wheels are not set in an optimal way, you will receive email or text messages with a warning. This enables optimal working of the process, helps reduce costs and ensures optimal machine operation. It also helps to reduce wear of the machine and its parts.

The newest member of ir sm@rt family

Gostol TST wants to offer their customers the most and the best, that's why they decided to make a radical change of the valve that regulates the flow of abrasive into the wheel. When designing the valve, they had in mind the main following requirements:
• To make modular design which will cover both previous versions.
• Wear parts are made from wear-resistant materials.
• Possible upgrade from ON/OFF valve to ir sm@rt valve.
• Faster response.
• Dimensions suitability.
• Cost-effective solution.

According to all the facts listed above, three versions of ir valve were made:
• ir valve ON/OFF
• ir valve ON/OFF with remote control of mass flow
• ir sm@rt valve

Change your old pneumatic closure

ir valve enables manual (ON/OFF) control of the loads of the wheel when the machine starts the working process. The mass flow can be set with a screw. ir valve ON/OFF substitutes for the old pneumatic closure. It is easy to replace and it has the possibility to be upgraded on semi or full automatic (ir sm@rt valve) version. Main advantages of ir valve ON/OFF are:
• Very good repeatability,
• Quiet operation,
• Wearing parts are made out of wear-resistant materials,
• Better price than with old solutions.

Remote control of mass flow

The semi-automatic solution gives you the possibility to change flow rates by switches. It substitutes the old pneumatic closure and complements the operation. It enables the remote setting of mass flow by using buttons. Installation is independent from a PLC, which gives the possibility to install it on machines without PLC as also to be upgraded to full automatic version (ir sm@rt valve). The semi-automatic solution is an economical solution which offers a simple adjustment of mass flow.

ir sm@rt valve

The automatic solution (ir sm@rt valve) has linear actuator that is driven by PLC. It works with all shots and has numerous control options. Sm@rt initialization can be carried out by a Gostol TST fitter or the buyer himself. Sm@rt regulation ensures accurate and stable control of mass flow. Consistent wheel motor loading ensures that shot intensity is the same day after day. With many other advantages such as precise flow adjustments with low response time (up to 3 seconds), quiet operation, wearing parts made of wear-resistant materials, the ir sm@rt valve takes the place of the old automatic valve and offers a much better economical solution with better price.

Sm@rt family

All three ir valves are made of high quality wear-resistant materials, which assure long-life span. With numerous advantages, the upgrade possibility from ir valve ON/OFF to semi or full automatic ir sm@rt valve, which is the highlight of all, is achieved, like all members of the ir sm@rt family, being positioned high in the circle of the most reliable and technologically advanced equipment in the blasting and peening industry.

All ir sm@rt family members launched in the global market already contribute to a higher level of process control, better production quality, and highest cost reduction. These products add value to the manufacturing processes in different factory systems worldwide.

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