VOL. 17 November ISSUE YEAR 2016


in Vol. 17 - November Issue - Year 2016
Road Map 2030

During 2010, to further the maturity on some patents related to media and finishing processes with low environmental impact, Rollwasch defined its own strategy aimed at its customers.

This strategy, named RESS (Rollwasch Environment Sustainable Strategy), has been advertised in several national and international technical magazines, besides being directly introduced and divulged to their customers, proposing solutions with low environmental impact to acquire the market.
Many of these solutions, if not all of them, offer, besides the environmental respect and the reduction of pollutant factors, interesting economic advantages for the customer.

In fact, now more than ever, the incidence of "negative" costs such as the disposal of waste (i.e. mud coming from vibrofinishing or barrelling processes), imply penalisation on the product costs. So, reducing the volumes of waste coincides with cost reductions, not to mention the dry processes, where instead of buying the standard wet vibratory finishing machine, a drier and a mud filter, the customer can buy only one dry vibratory machine, with a much more limited investment.

Between end 2015 and early 2016, Rollwasch has looked to the future and, besides thinking to offer advantages to its customers as market strategy, thinks to place side-by-side to this winning criteria, a more refined philosophy that puts the environmental topic as a winning element of its company, in order to have clear goals to be reached by a given date.

This strategy of producing all media, compounds and machines is born, with environmental impact close to zero and to be perfected gradually completed by 2030.

The following table shows all the aspects that Rollwasch intends to perfect as well as goals it aims to achieve by 2030.

At the center of Rollwasch past and future strategies include technologies, processes and manufacturing for a better world.

The Rollwasch® programme of media and finishing compounds is surely one of the most complete in Europe and in the world. Rollwasch® projects always put the combination "quality competitiveness" on the top, in the right balance and respect for the environment.
A very dynamic company in terms of research and development, Rollwasch® is always in search of the best balance between finishing solutions and pollution reduction.

Rollwasch® chemistry started the first steps towards environmental care by introducing at the TF congress (Treatment and Finishing) in Parma in the year 1991, its first series of compounds without "difficult pollutants" (Europa series). Indeed, this anticipated future trends by almost twenty years.
The Reach regulations have, in the meantime, obtained positive results. In addition, Rollwasch is continuously developing products and dry processes (Vibrodry, Rotodry), wet process with a reduced water consumption (Microfluid), and excellent wastewater compound from 2008 to present with at least ten patent requests that follow these principles being deposited.

In recent years, they have developed different types of processes and media, aimed at reducing the environment impact, following the Rollwasch purpose that is to continue and improve itself day by day.
One of the latest developed media is the "Quattrofinish" series (patent pending - I) that offers an innovative, environmentally friendly solution able to reduce finishing costs, and water treatment. The "Quattrofinish" media have a lasting time of approximately 10/20 times higher than ceramic or polyester media, determining a drastic reduction of waste (from 1000% to 2000%). Furthermore, the waste can be recycled.

The Quattrofinish media are manufactured using mainly energy from renewable or sustainable sources, with minimal environmental impact and significant saving in CO2 emissions.

The wet Finishing Microfluid is the revolutionary process that allows reducing the consumption of water up to 1000% and furthermore allows drying of the parts, at the end of the process, without the use of a drying machine, as well as the Vibrodry and Rotodry dry-finishing process that simplifies where possible, metal, wood and polymer finishing. The use of this finishing technique is constantly growing to meet the new finishing requirements of the market.
Quality, according to Rollwasch® policy, is the reason for a constant and continuous growth and attention that, in any case, cannot be separated from respect and protection of the environment in which we live.

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