VOL. 4 July ISSUE YEAR 2003


in Vol. 4 - July Issue - Year 2003
Strahl-Tec introducing its Multichange Blasting Wheel
Ulrich Baur, Sales Manager of Strahl-Tec

Ulrich Baur, Sales Manager of Strahl-Tec

The Strahl-Tec Wheel is very different to conventional blasting wheels: before the abrasive reaches the wheel, it is accelerated by an auxiliary blade wheel. Thanks to this gentle transfer of the blasting medium the Strahl-Tec Wheel attains a discharge speed of 10m/sec. The precise projection of the abrasive and the increased discharge speed result in a unique level of efficiency in comparison with conventional technology. With the new ST-Mulichange, the German company is now launching a further development of the Strahl-Tec Wheel. It is the word's first ST-Wheel with replaceable shovels. The identical shovels for clockwise or anti-clockwise, which are exposed to high levels of wear, are simply replaced. They have extremely short fitting times when replacement is carried out in time.

"The shovels can be supplied in tungsten carbide, which makes them very abrasive resistant. The fast shovel change, both clock wise and anti-clockwise, reduces down time and staffing levels.", says Ulrich Baur, Sales Manager of Strahl-Tec.

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