VOL. 4 July ISSUE YEAR 2003


in Vol. 4 - July Issue - Year 2003
Würth Abrasives celebrates 50 years Steel Shot VERA

Back in 1953, VERA steel shot abrasive was the first of its kind on the market! 50 years of continual improvement have created a product which delivers high efficiency performance for abrasive blasting applications. At the GIFA, Würth Abrasives celebrates this event with a special documentation about this VERA steel shot abrasive.

The VERA low-carbon steel shot (C-content 0.14-0.18%) production process called granulation is followed by drying, which has a beneficial tempering effect. The grain is free from crack. The hardness of the grain is defined by the carbon level.

The high-carbon steel shot (C-content 0.80-1.20%) is annealed after granulation. The grain has to form cracks, because the high carbon content produces a structure with high inner tension during the granulation process.

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