VOL. 18 January ISSUE YEAR 2017


in Vol. 18 - January Issue - Year 2017
Improving Business Performance In A Slow Economy

Spare parts

Spare parts

The slowing global economy, with low oil and commodity prices and a slower growing China, is the new normal. The quickest road to bankruptcy is to sit on your hands, do nothing, and hope for the economy to improve. No matter what industry you work in, a "business as usual" mindset will sink your ship. You have to be innovative, stand out, and present your products and services in fresh alternative ways. Now more than ever, you have to focus, improve, and possibly even change what you do to attain, retain and maintain customers.

The Comfort Zone Mindset

It’s easy to do what you are used to doing and stay within the confines of least resistance, but if you want to progress and grow your business during challenging times, you need to break free from what holds you back. Living in your comfort zone is all about doing what is safe and easy: one already knows the outcome. Break out of that comfort zone and you will start to be noticed and lead. You will no longer be a follower; you will become the innovator of your industry and chart the course of your own destiny.

Promote Your Business Via Private Labeling

Panblast’s newly created Blastworkz Custom Products Division offers a new option for surface preparation businesses worldwide to expand their product lines using their own brand identity and colors. All of Panblast’s current offerings from the product catalog can be custom manufactured, packed and labeled according to client’s requirements.

Private labeling via Blastworkz is an excellent low cost of entry option for gaining full access to an entire line of surface preparation products in your brand to supplement a complementary product line that may be your core business (e.g. airless spray painting) and can be sold via your current sales and distribution networks with some technical training and ongoing support from Blastworkz.
Current industry players may also use private labeling to expand on their current product offerings and target markets by using their own local or regional brand rather than a national or global brand having sales territory restrictions limiting growth possibilities.

Products manufactured by Blastworkz Custom Products Division go through the same Dynamic Manufacturing and 100% QC inspection process as regular Panblast products.

All incoming components undergo either sampling inspection according to US MIL standards or full inspection in accordance with manufacturing drawings or QMS work instructions. Non-conforming components are either re-worked and re-inspected, or disposed of.

During product assembly, the production workers do in-process inspection for fit and finish. Additionally, when called for by QMS work instructions; sub-assemblies undergo additional functional inspection prior to final assembly. These sub-assemblies are re-worked if necessary with fresh components to ensure they pass functional inspection prior to final assembly.

After completion of final assembly, all products are set aside for 100% finished goods inspection for fit, function and finish prior to packing for bulk shipment. Blastworkz is quality-centric; it’s in our DNA. We work hard to protect your brand and reputation in the market, in conjunction with our own!

Where Do I Start?

Firstly start by identifying the products of interest from Panblast’s product catalog or get in touch with Blastworkz. Alternatively, supply drawings and/or samples and Blastworkz will manufacture according to the supplied drawings and/or samples.

Typical product final finishes are durable powder coat using DuPont Alesta powder in standard RAL colors. Additional underlying substrate protections are anodized for aluminum and anti-rust coating for steel at non-powder coated areas of the products. Discuss product finish options, quantities and packing/marking requirements with your Blastworkz representative.

After finalizing the private label product range offering, Blastworkz can assist in reducing your marketing workload burden significantly by providing other supporting documents such as product operating manuals and exploded line drawings which can be used to produce your own marketing materials.


Each client’s unique requirements are kept in the strictest confidence by Blastworkz team of seasoned blast-cleaning professionals who work hard to ensure every client’s expectations are met. Blastworkz depends on its client’s success in servicing the industry’s end users, while it focuses on manufacturing the quality of goods expected. The success of every client filters down to become Blastworkz’ own success though ongoing long-term business.

For Information:
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