VOL. 18 March ISSUE YEAR 2017


in Vol. 18 - March Issue - Year 2017
Foundry Upgrades Blast Operations With New 6-Wheel Machine
Foundry operations at Guido Glisenti

Foundry operations at Guido Glisenti

The new CT blast machine at Guido Glisenti

The new CT blast machine at Guido Glisenti

Italian foundry Guido Glisenti, a specialist provider of ductile iron castings to the automotive sector, is set to commission a new CT-6 shotblast machine from Wheelabrator at its site in Villa Carcina, Italy.

The new machine replaces a smaller CT-4 from 2002, increasing the maximum size of castings that can be processed, as well as improving processing speed and therefore capacity.

Gianluigi Parravicini, Sales Manager at Wheelabrator, explains: "Guido Glisenti initially approached us and our Italian agent ProService about further enhancing casting quality - to keep in step with ever-more-demanding standards in automotive. The new machine achieves just that. However, with the move to the larger CT-6, we were also able to increase capacity and improve blast operations in a number of ways."

Centerpiece of all CT machines is a continuous apron conveyor that reliably tumbles parts for all-round blast coverage. The blast wheels are arranged to cover the width of the apron conveyor, pointing directly into the "apron", where the parts are being tumbled along.

The new machine at Guido Glisenti, with its six powerful U70x500 blast wheels, is designed to fit seamlessly into the high-end production line in Villa Carcina.
Despite increased blast power, the new machine is more energy-efficient and less maintenance-intensive, with improved process control even at higher throughput rates.

Gianluigi Parravicini continues: "Guido Glisenti has started producing castings with larger diameters, which the new machine can easily accommodate in addition to existing part sizes. This gives them the flexibility they need to efficiently respond to customer demands – be it a German car manufacturer or a global leader in earthmoving equipment."

Ing. Dalla Bona, CEO at Guido Glisenti, comments: "Working closely with Wheelabrator enabled us to position this larger machine into the available space, minimizing the need for modifications on foundation and building. It has been a pleasure to work with the Wheelabrator team - they understand our needs, provide an excellent service, and deliver high-quality, high-performance machines."

The foundry’s relationship with Wheelabrator goes back over 25 years, resulting in mutual understanding and trust. This close cooperation, in conjunction with local support from ProService, made it possible to aim for delivery and completion of the project within an ambitious timeframe: the order was received in September 2016; hand-over of the machine was scheduled for January 2017.

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