VOL. 18 March ISSUE YEAR 2017


in Vol. 18 - March Issue - Year 2017
MFN recruits new Trainer for India
Rishabh K Shah, Head of operations at Daksha Engineering Company and MFN Trainer

Rishabh K Shah, Head of operations at Daksha Engineering Company and MFN Trainer

The new trainer will not only be responsible for shot peening and blasting training, but also represent the MFN Office in India.

Rishabh K Shah was born in Mumbai, India, in 1980. He heads operations at Daksha Engineering Company, a job-shop for shot peening, blasting and coating applications.

Mr. Shah studied mechanical engineering and is specialized in foundry technology. Currently, the company owns two state-of-the-art facilities in Mumbai and offers shot peening services across India.

Daksha Engineering is a family-owned business that started operation in 1997. The company’s initial role was primarily to cater to heat treatment and shot blasting requirements.

He joined Daksha Engineering in 2002 immediately after completion of his studies. The company specialises in various blast cleaning applications including matt finishing, glass beading and micro blasting. In 2003, the Indian company started shot peening on components like gears and shafts from automobile and railway sectors. Over the years, Rishabh K Shah has gained practical know-how through the dynamic and challenging responsibility of running a shot peening job-shop. He has obtained exposure to shot peening small components like disc springs, springs, medium-sized components like propeller blades and crankshafts, as well as bigger components like collars and shafts. These components come from various sectors such as aviation, oil, gas, compressors, defence and petro chemicals industries.

Rishabh K Shah also does flap peening applications for aviation MROs. Due to his extensive hands-on practical knowledge, he offers training in maintenance programs for pneumatic and wheel peening machines. Apart from industrial applications, Mr. Shah is keen on contributing development activities for shot peening in India. Some of the R&D projects were carried out with top technical institutions like IIT, in the Department of Fracture Mechanics. He has also been associated with a development project of shot peening tubes for nuclear energy power plants.

MFN is very pleased to welcome Rishabh K Shah to the MFN trainer team!

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