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in Vol. 18 - September Issue - Year 2017
Leading Canadian Manufacturer Increases Their Presence in the Global Market
Michael Langtry at the trade show

Michael Langtry at the trade show

The Chinese customers visiting Langtry company to see their equipment

The Chinese customers visiting Langtry company to see their equipment

Mike at the airshow with customer

Mike at the airshow with customer

The equipment that Langtry built for one of their international customers

The equipment that Langtry built for one of their international customers

MFN was able to get an interview with Michael Langtry, President of Langtry Blast Technologies Inc.

(?) MFN: Do you currently have any Global Market Customers?

(!) M. L.: We have customers in China, Mexico, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and the United States. We have had enormous success in these markets and would like to increase our customer base in these regions as well as develop new ones. There are a variety of opportunities available that require further due diligence in order to expand Langtry’s global presence which is essential in order to remain competitive and continue evolving in the Shot Peening Equipment market.

(?) MFN: You are placing a lot of emphasis on Global Expansion -- What are your plans for the development and growth of these markets and is your target market familiar with your product?

(!) M. L.: Expanding internationally diversifies and creates new opportunities and identifying the correct markets is our target. Naturally, exposure is key. Companies who discover us will become acquainted with who we are and what we offer. Increased attendance at a number of tradeshows in Mexico over the past six months has helped promote our brand, and we have added a new Latin American Sales Representative to the Langtry team. We are collaborating with this representative to secure new customers in various regions of Mexico. We also have a representative in China whose presence has been invaluable. Having someone who speaks the local languages and interacts with the customers face-to-face is invaluable. These representatives offer an abundance of information to help adapt our products and strategies to appeal to local customers. Our presence in various regions facilitates promotion of our brand and subsequently results in satisfied customer referrals, which is our most valuable marketing tool. Testimonies confirm that from start to finish, Langtry has a proven track record in superior quality design and manufacturing standards. We are confident that once we are established with one satisfied customer, we can count on local marketing tools to let other companies familiarize themselves with our portfolio. Of course, expanding our global markets will require Langtry to continue to do what it has always done -- to build state-of-the-art equipment, provide world-class technical support and create designs with long production life and easy maintenance in mind. Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority and continues to be so as we grow.

(?) MFN: How do you plan on expanding in the global market while remaining focused on Langtry’s established business?

(!) M. L.: When a company’s market has the ability to expand, the visibility of its brand increases simultaneously. This enables a business to recruit locally, negotiate better deals with distributors, and create media contacts that will have a positive marketing impact. The advantage of regional sales representatives helps to establish relationships, develop customer loyalty, create local job opportunities and ultimately, increase sales. Surprisingly, there is less competition for a business that can expand internationally ,and a good product that sells well will actually deflate local-level competition. There will always be customers who prefer the local businesses over an international one; however, more markets that exist at an international level means a greater global market share and that helps to lean out the competition. Of course, with global expansion, there is the possibility of a requirement for local expansion. Langtry recently doubled the size of its facility in response to increased production and as with further developments in the greater global market, this could be required to accommodate growth. Team expansion is inevitable in order to handle increased sales volumes and I am confident that Langtry can adapt to changes and increased demands as required.

(?) MFN: Do you have specific time lines in regard to moving towards your next target market?

(!) M. L.: There is the potential to do business in so many places and with a variety of customers that it would take an army of staff to reach them all. We are concentrating on one market at a time to ensure we are able to provide the outstanding service and standards that we are known for. Each location that we are interested in demands extensive research in order to understand individual business markets, standards and regulations. Different locations quite often have different policies, laws, requirements, regulations, languages and currencies. Preliminary planning takes time and is extremely important to the success of each company’s interest and acceptance to work with an international company. They need to feel confident that Langtry knows the region and has exceptional proficiency in what is required to guarantee project success and customer satisfaction.

(?) MFN: Why do you feel that international customers will be interested in working with Langtry Blast Technologies Inc.? What is it that makes you stand out in the Blasting Industry?

(!) M. L.: Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. is a leading manufacturer of blast equipment in North America, supplying all industries. We have requests to build large pieces of equipment and requests to supply and design various parts to accommodate a host of different applications. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Langtry creates advanced, customized solutions for customer's blasting needs. We pride ourselves not only in designing a piece of equipment that fulfills our customer’s requirements and expectations, but also ensuring that the equipment is simple and economical to maintain in the future. The Langtry team are knowledgeable, dedicated people that work in conjunction with the customers to build strong, dependable relationships. Our manufacturers ensure the highest quality products and are committed to meeting the customer’s needs. From the initial design to post-startup, our team of trained, licensed professionals ensures a positive experience for all of our customers. They make detailed assessments to ensure they understand the customer and their products in order to provide innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Retrofits are also suggested to existing equipment rather than having them purchase a completely new piece of equipment, saving customers money and resources. We are committed to quality processes while being environmentally conscious. Langtry’s highly skilled technicians are available for installation of equipment and support after delivery. They are dedicated to ensuring schedules and deadlines are met by respecting and acknowledging the customer's production demands and working within their production schedule. After installation, our team is always available to provide assistance with parts, service and support. Our service department travels worldwide to service new and pre-existing equipment and offers 24/7 availability to our customers. They have many years of experience and possess all pertinent training, documents and certifications required to perform these services. Each customer’s equipment requirements are unique and; therefore, suggestions are provided for preventative maintenance for optimal equipment efficiency to prevent unnecessary downtime. Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. always offers personalized, exclusive solutions with high-quality equipment. Our commitment to guaranteeing the future performance and maintenance of this equipment is what has forged our success and credibility in the industry. We always strive to maintain quality equipment, provide service in the most cost-effective manner and design environmentally sustainable equipment.

MFN would like to thank Michael Langtry for this interview!

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