VOL. 18 November ISSUE YEAR 2017

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in Vol. 18 - November Issue - Year 2017
Shot peening - 5th Edition is now ready!
Mario Guagliano

Mario Guagliano

It is my pleasure to announce the 5th Edition of the book “Shot Peening-A Dynamic Application and Its future”, published by MFN, now ready to be distributed all over the World.

The book includes different chapters written by people coming from the industry as well as from academia, the perfect mix to have a successful book! You already know many of them, since they regularly contribute to this magazine.
The book has been revised and added with new content while maintaining the traditional style and the original aim: to be a reference book for shot peening and shot peening-related processes, ranging from flap peening to laser peening and deep rolling.

All the different aspects of the process are considered: the different machines and media suitable for shot peening, the effects on the treated materials and parts, the improvements you can get in terms of mechanical strength, the measurement you should do to assess the final results, the optimization of the process and the documentation needed. Last but not least, possible troubleshooting and perspective applications of shot peening with unusual process parameters to get a nanostructured surface are included.

Altogether, a very complete framework of the state of the art of shot peening, useful to learn the basics of the process as well as to understand the physics behind it and the new and next developments in the field.

When a student approaches me asking about a thesis on shot peening, this book is the first text I suggest that he read: the result is always good and I am going to suggest also the new edition! But I am suggesting the new book also to experienced people, to let them have an up-to-date panorama on shot peening and not to forget the different aspects that contribute to a successful shot peening!

If nothing else, just enjoy reading the new book!

Special Guest Editor for November 2017
Mario Guagliano, Contributing Editor
MFN and Full Professor at the
Technical University of Milan
E-mail: mario.guagliano@polimi.it