VOL. 18 November ISSUE YEAR 2017


in Vol. 18 - November Issue - Year 2017
Software Update For Computerized Particle Analysis
Software update for computerized particle analysis

Software update for computerized particle analysis

HAVER CPA 2-1 for particle sizes from 34 micron

HAVER CPA 2-1 for particle sizes from 34 micron

In the Spotlight

HAVER & BOECKER is a family-managed, midsize company with headquarters in Oelde, Westphalia, Germany. HAVER & BOECKER OHG comprises the Wire Weaving and Machinery Divisions. Together with more than 50 subsidiaries and 150 representatives on all five continents, HAVER & BOECKER operates worldwide with more than 3,000 employees. In 2016, the company posted a sales turnover of 460 million euros. The Wire Weaving Division manufactures woven wire cloth and processes it into engineered woven wire products. They are used for screening and filtration in the chemical, plastics and automobile industries, in aviation and aerospace, electronics, industrial and analysis screening, and in the food industry as well as for architectural applications. The Machinery Division and its technology brands HAVER & BOECKER, HAVER + TYLER, IBAU HAMBURG, SOMMER, BEHN + BATES, FEIGE FILLING, NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING, HAVER Automation and HAVER Engineering is specialized in processing, transport, storage, mixing, filling, packing, palletizing and loading of bulk materials. The product range includes the development, production and distribution of machines for agglomeration, pelletizing and washing for building materials and mineral goods, plant engineering and services.

HAVER CpaServ software is the "artificial intelligence" for CPA particle measurement technology. The user interface allows a wide range of measurement procedures to be easily defined and initiated. Measurement and evaluation is then done automatically, with no more intervention by the user. However, if necessary, all data – down to the individual particle – can be reexamined and reanalyzed in many different ways.

When developing the CpaServ 3 software, Haver & Boecker again focused on improved ease of use, clarity and efficiency for the user. Customer feedback was very important – and the Haver & Boecker team listened.

What's new this time? Plenty!

Inside the analysis software, results and data from a variety of search and sorting functions can now be found faster in almost all areas of the interface.

To make both orientation and daily work more efficient, all major elements now have symbols with labeling. Moreover, unused elements can be hidden.

Regardless of the monitor's surroundings, the software allows adaptation to individual needs through brightness, contrast and color options.

An acoustic signal can indicate the end of a measurement. This eliminates the need to keep looking at the measurement progress and prevents time-wasting.

The print log has been completely reworked and redesigned based on ISO 2591-1. The content issued is dynamic and reflects the content selected and the software interface display options.

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