VOL. 19 January ISSUE YEAR 2018


in Vol. 19 - January Issue - Year 2018
2 days MFN Shot Peening Training and Trade Show in India gets a very positive response!

A two days MFN shot peening training (Level 1 -2) and trade show was organised in Pune, India on 15-16th November 2017. Pune city is a technology hub with many OEM facilities and engineering research experts. The first of its kind event garnered a lot of interest not only from the local industries but also from the industries from various parts of India.

The participants were from fields like Aviation, Automobiles, Research and Development and Equipment manufacturing. There was lot of inquisitiveness and eagerness from the participants to learn about shot peening technology. The participants gave positive feedback on the course content and conduct. 

The trade show provided a platform for Indian equipment manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their products and services. The companies who participated in the trade show had an opportunity to interact or be introduced to specialists in the field of shot peening.

As more and more companies are setting up their plants in India, the need and awareness for shot peening is increasing. There has been a rise in number of companies in Aviation in the last couple of years. Automobile companies are now looking at shot peening technology to get maximum results from their components. They have realised the importance of process integrity of shot peening being intact.

The training is primarily aimed and designed to give operators and supervisors theoretical training for their activities within a workshop surrounding. This training is a platform to periodically update and refresh their shot peening knowledge. The participants not only obtained clarity in shot peening concepts but also on various practical quality practises.

MFN India is now looking forward to organising regular workshops in different cities across India to share the knowledge. Training will also be available on-site at the shot peening facility.

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