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in Vol. 19 - March Issue - Year 2018
Media Flow Rate Control for Shot Peening - designed for OEM's
PA FlowMaster LITE for OEM’s

PA FlowMaster LITE for OEM’s

Easy plug & play system with a minimum of cables. Valves connect in serial order.

Easy plug & play system with a minimum of cables. Valves connect in serial order.

For OEM's, who manufacture shot peening equipment, it is sometimes not an easy decision choosing the right concept for the media flow rate control. On one hand, they may appreciate all the functions a ready-to-use flow rate control can offer, but on the other hand, they probably already have an expensive PLC control that is technically able to handle the control mechanism for one valve or several. For this purpose, Peening Accessories GmbH has introduced the PA FlowMaster LITE.

Cost-Effective LITE Solution

While the regular PA FlowMaster has a number of in-built functions such as a touchscreen, alarm history, the possibility to calibrate up to 4 media sizes, 6 languages, an analog/program with 64 recipes  and so forth, the LITE version has only reduced functions; however, at half the price of a regular unit.

Controller Hub for up to Four Valves

Even the LITE version of the PA FlowMaster can handle up to 4 valves. For this worldwide unique feature, the patent is pending. Depending on the application, the purchasing price of the LITE version may be just a fraction compared to controllers of other suppliers, especially for a 4-valve layout. 

Calibration for One Media Included

If OEM's purchase media control valves without controllers and just do the programming routine via their PLC, they still need to carry out a calibration. But with the PA FlowMaster LITE, it is not necessary to do a time-consuming calibration. A calibration for a certain media size can easily take 3-4 hours.

Additional Advantages

The PA FlowMaster LITE uses digital technology. Therefore it has more accurate signals compared to valves that use analogue technology.
Also no additional PID Module Card is required for each valve and no time-consuming PID algorithm adjustment has to be made. Last but not least, it includes information and configurations about both valve and controller to allow faster and easier set-up.

PA FlowMaster LITE Requirements

In order to implement the LITE version, the OEM needs to do additional programming of the PLC. Furthermore, there will be no HMI (Human Machine Interface Display) and it requires a PLC control with 485 communication interfaces.

New Models of PA UltimateValve

All PA FlowMaster versions, including its LITE version, are designed to control the PA UltimateValve.
In the past, only the PA-15 UltimateValve for a flow rate up to 15 kg/min was on the market. However, nowadays the PA-5 (up to 5 kg/min) and the PA-45 (up to 45 kg/min) are also available.

The unit is a precision control valve that regulates media in pressure- or gravity-feed peening and blasting machines. The valve has a built-in flow sensor that is able to provide closed-loop feedback to the shot-flow processor. The shot-flow processor is a high-end processing device which controls the media flow rate with auto-tune technology. It has a ±5% full-scale accuracy and meets SAE AMS 2430 and AMS 2432 specifications.

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