VOL. 19 March ISSUE YEAR 2018


in Vol. 19 - March Issue - Year 2018
Intelligent and Innovative Development - Focus on Metal China 2018

Looking back on 2017, a lot of Chinese foundry companies were facing great difficulties under the pressure of environmental protection and safe production; however, the industry was still maintaining positive momentum. Green, intelligent and innovative development will be the theme in 2018.
Metal China 2018 (the 16th China International Foundry Expo), sponsored by China Foundry Association, will be held from May 16-19, 2018 in CIEC (New venue), Beijing, China. The exhibition area will reach 108,000 square meters and it will attract more than 1000 exhibitors from over 20 countries and regions as well as more than 100,000 trade visitors attending the event. Metal China 2018 will provide many trade platforms to exhibitors and visitors, such as brand promotion, marketing, new product release and business connections, and also build a bridge for the world’s foundry men to communicate, share experiences and resources, and establish relationships.
Metal China will be the world largest foundry event in 2018. It is devoted to improving exhibition quality, creating customer value, and leading industry’s development. Metal China 2018 will show you the cutting-edge technologies of robots, 3D printing, online inspection and precision machining, intelligent foundry, total solution to energy-saving and eco-friendly safe production, advanced equipment, green materials and various high-quality castings. The innovations and Best-in-Class castings will once again challenge the impossible in the foundry industry, which will refresh your knowledge of the foundry industry. Metal China 2018 will provide you with access to experiences of the foundry industry’s transformation and upgrading as well as the "Belt and Road" new opportunities. Moreover, you will gain first-hand knowledge about the foundry industry’s development trend to keep pace with the times by attending a variety of supporting programs during the exhibition, in which well-known experts and professionals will share their deep insights, and release new products and technologies.
Metal China 2018 will be held during the same period with the 3rd China Foundry Festival. The 3rd China Foundry Festival will keep a grand scale as for the last two sessions to display the new image and accomplishments of the Chinese foundry industry. Among the 100 supporting programs, the main activities include: the 8th General Meeting, the 14th Annual Congress, Belt and Road International Foundry Capacity Forum, the Founding of China Foundry Standards Alliance, the 3rd Award Ceremony for Top 100 Overall Comprehensive Enterprises, Pacesetter Enterprises, and "Specialized, fine, peculiar and new" Enterprises, Specialty Industry Cluster and Production Base Awarding ceremony, Awards for Best-in-class Castings, Innovation Award for Foundry Equipment and Materials.
Metal China 2018 will cooperate with the mass media more extensively and deeply to attract more and more trade visitors from home and abroad to visit the exhibition, which will bring more benefits to the exhibitors.
How to understand the international foundry market and what kind of new products will be launched in 2018? Metal China will guide you to witness the new patterns of the international foundry industry. See you on 16-19 May 2018, CIEC (new venue), Beijing.

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