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Perfect Surfaces Worldwide
Soran Jota, the Managing Director of OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH

Soran Jota, the Managing Director of OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH

OTEC company

OTEC company

Flow production SF

Flow production SF

OTEC Finishing Center

OTEC Finishing Center

As a technology leader in mass finishing machines, OTEC develops and produces innovative machine designs for perfect surface processing. The grinding and polishing systems, which are exclusively "Made in Germany", offer an ideal solution in terms of precision and cost efficiency. For almost 20 years, the company's motto "Perfect surfaces worldwide" has shaped all our inventions and patents, as well as the actions of our entire team. Managing Director Soran Jota answers some questions about the company’s development in recent years.

(?) MFN: Could you please briefly summarise your company’s history over the last five years?

(!) S. J.: As a specialist in surface technology, OTEC has been in the market since 1996. From the smallest beginnings, company founder and Managing Director (Dipl. -Ing.) Helmut Gegenheimer has created a company that, thanks to its unbridled potential for inventiveness, has developed into a global supplier of machines for precise and cost-effective surface treatment.

Continuous further development is enabling machines to cover an ever wider area of application.

OTEC is a leader in global technology with its wide range of surface treatment machines for the most diverse materials. The last five years have seen strong sales growth of 60 %. We were able to put the 2009 economic crisis quickly behind us and get off to a flying start because we had not laid off any staff. A particularly noteworthy event in our history of constant innovation is the market launch of the SF machine, which has made a significant contribution to our success in the last five years and has opened up many new applications for surface finishing.

Machines can be fully or semi-automated, with different container sizes, and large machines can be integrated in production lines.

Approximately 40 patents and registered designs are proof of the company’s great innovative strength, where 20 % of the employees are engaged in research and development. We are guided by the demand for the highest precision and optimum adaptation to each customer’s requirements. In order to select the appropriate system, potential customers can make use of our sample processing in the OTEC Finishing Center free of charge. This service is available worldwide.

(?) MFN: Could you please tell us some facts about your company? Where is your head office, and how many employees do you have?

(!) S. J.: In October 2015, we moved into our new building in Straubenhardt-Conweiler, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany, and were able to expand our floor space to 8,000 m². Key to our building plans was arranging all the offices around the production area, and equipping them with large viewing windows so that all our employees always have the product in view. The 120 or so employees at the company's headquarters in Straubenhardt are very committed and highly motivated. Our operating results speak for themselves!

(?) MFN: What are your main products? Your major product? Which products contribute the most to your sales and which products have the greatest growth potential?

(!) S. J.: We have focused on mass finishing machines. I would like to emphasise the Stream Finishing machine, which has been on the market since 2011 in various versions that are adapted to differing requirements in terms of size and technology: fully or semi-automated, with different container sizes and allowing the full integration of large machines in production lines.

The new SF machine with pulse finishing is becoming increasingly important; it enables us to achieve very short processing times and can therefore be used in line production, especially in the automotive industry. Camshaft manufacturers have therefore been able to significantly reduce the costs of surface smoothing.

The industries where OTEC machines are an important part of production all over the world are the tooling, automotive, medical technology, textile, pharmaceutical, watch and jewellery industries.

(?) MFN: How many new products and solutions do you launch each year? Is your Research & Development department currently working on any new projects in particular?

(!) S. J.: We are continuously adapting our systems to our customers’ requirements and developing new processes for them. This means that continuous improvement is incorporated into the OTEC standard, and this also benefits other customers. New projects are in the pipeline. Prototypes are showcased at our national and international trade fairs and in-house exhibitions in Straubenhardt.

(?) MFN: Tell us about your manufacturing equipment, production plants and their locations? Are you planning to use new technologies or expand your production capacity?

(!) S. J.: Since 2012, we have been implementing lean management, not only in production, but also in the way we run our business. Since then, a number of milestones, process optimisations and innovations have been or will be introduced at OTEC. We began flow production in SF Plant Construction in April 2017, for example.

(?) MFN: Have you recently made significant investments, or are there investments in the pipeline?

(!) S. J.: Our largest investment has been for the construction of the new OTEC building with over 8,000 m².

(?) MFN: Please could you describe the general market situation in your area?

(!) S. J.: Constant competitive pressure is forcing companies to improve their surface quality, and reduce both manufacturing costs and inventory. We are an important building block in this process. Our willingness to invest is therefore as strong as ever.

(?) MFN: How much do your exports contribute to your turnover and what are your most important target countries? Would you like to tap new markets?

(!) S. J.: Our export share of 60 % is a clear indication of OTEC’s worldwide reputation and trust in its sophisticated technology. In Europe in particular, we want to grow significantly, but the USA and Asia markets will also continue to be of great interest.

(?) MFN: What are your main objectives for the next five to ten years? What challenges will you face?

(!) S. J.: It is important for us to grow in a healthy way. This does not mean growth at any price, but being profitable as well. This includes further optimising fixed position assembly on a flow assembly line, shortening delivery times, and generating lean processes in business and sales. This is a great challenge especially in times of growth, but we are facing it with great enthusiasm. One important objective is certainly the expansion of our services in some overseas countries. We still have some catching up to do.

(?) MFN: Would you like to add anything of interest that we haven`t talked about yet? Any innovations we haven't discussed and which you would like to mention in this article?

(!) S. J.: Our OTEC Finishing Center!

This is the heart of the company, where orders for our free sample processing are mainly generated and innovations are developed.

Encompassing an area of over 570 m², it is the heart of our process development and order acquisition. It is here, in two departments, that the company’s expertise in processes, machines and equipment is continuously evolving and expanding, and where almost all innovations are generated. In the Finishing Center, the customer has the opportunity to test their requirements and have samples processed free of charge – with us or by us. More than 33,000 machining protocols form the basis for developing and optimising machining processes for our customers. A specially-equipped measuring room with high-quality digital measuring devices enables immediate, precise control and guarantees process reliability for the customer.

The next major national and international trade fairs are due shortly.
We will be represented at the major trade fairs AMB, IMTS and Jimtof, as well as many other trade fairs around the world.

MFN would like to thank Soran Jota for this interview!

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