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Precise Surface Engineering Solutions
Vibratory finishing system

Vibratory finishing system

Disc finishing system

Disc finishing system

Conveyorised spray cleaning system

Conveyorised spray cleaning system

Multistage ultrasonic cleaning system

Multistage ultrasonic cleaning system

Phosphating plant

Phosphating plant

Deburring and Finishing

The de-burring and surface finishing machines are used for mass finishing of metal, plastic, ceramic and rubber parts. Small parts weighing just a few grams up to 25 Kg can be processed in a variety of machines available from Gala’s wide range of products. Use of de-burring and finishing machines is essential to achieve consistency and high production rates. In addition to finishing equipment, use of abrasive media and compounds is essential to achieve the desired process results. Abrasive media can be of ceramic, porcelain, steel or plastic materials. Compounds are used with water with concentration levels of 5 to 10%.
Gala offers standard and customised products to suit specific customer needs.

The finishing machines are of different types. These are:
• Vibratory finishing
• Centrifugal Barrel Finishing
• Disc Finishing
• Customised finishing systems
• Complete automation of surface finishing processes is possible by using component loading system, conveyors, vibratory trolleys and dosing system using PLC-based control panels.

Vibratory Finishing
The Vibratory finishing machine consists of a bowl lined with polyurethane material which is mounted on springs and uses vibratory motor and unbalanced weights to achieve gyroscopic motion to the workload. Vibratory finishing is used to achieve de-burring, edge radiusing, degreasing, de-scaling, polishing, mirror finishing and smoothening of a variety of components. This is the most common method used for de-burring and polishing of components which include sheet metal, machined, cast, forged and moulded parts.
A wide range of components of Automotive, Aerospace, Defence and consumer products can be processed using vibratory finishing machines.

Gala offers the following types of Vibratory machines based on the shape of the working bowl.
- Round Vibratory Finishing Machines are the most common type of machines used in manufacturing industry for a wide range of components. This machine can be used for small parts like rivets & screws to bigger parts like turbine blades. Gala offers machines from 70 to 1500 litre capacity. Standard and Auto Separation models are also available.
- Spiral Machine is a modified version of Round vibratory finishing machine. This type of machine is used to ensure 100% separation of parts within a short time of 8 to 10 minutes. Due to the Spiral shape of bowl, the process efficiency is better as compared to round vibratory machine. Gala offers Spiral machines from 120 to 800 litre capacity. Spiral vibratory finishing machines are used for parts of bearing industry, brass valve bodies, furniture industry, etc.
- Elliptical Vibratory Finishing Machines are used where processing time is less than 10 minutes. This is used for removing light burrs and general finishing of small parts like bearing cages, ceramic insulation tiles, etc. Elliptical machines are available up to 250 litre capacity.
- Trough Vibratory Finishing Machines are used for de-burring, degreasing and polishing of medium size parts like axles, shafts, rods, marble & granite tiles, turbine blades, aerospace parts, etc. Gala offers machines from 100 to 1200 litre capacity.
- Segmented Machines are used for bigger parts to avoid part-to-part hitting while processing. Segments are provided to make compartments in working bowl where one or a few parts are loaded for finishing. Normally 3 to 8 compartments are provided. Gala offers segmented Round and trough vibratory finishing machines as per the customer needs. These machines are used for parts like machined aluminium die cast parts, parts of hydraulic industry and so on.

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing
This is a more aggressive form of finishing as compared to Vibratory finishing. This machine uses 3 or 4 barrels mounted on turret assembly. The high rotation speed of turret results in high centrifugal forces which results in faster process. These machines are often used with variable frequency drives to adjust the rotational speed as per process need. The surface finish achieved with this process is more uniform and even. Such machines are used in various industry sectors like jewellery, bearing, compressor, automotive and aerospace. Centrifugal barrel finishing is capable of achieving high Ra values up to 0.06 microns for parts like textile rings, reed valves, bearing rollers, etc.

Centrifugal Disc Finishing
This is the most aggressive form of surface finishing as compared to Vibratory finishing or Centrifugal barrel finishing. The resulting forces are at least 10 times higher as compared to Vibratory finishing process. This machine consists of a tub or housing with a rotating disc at bottom driven by electric motor. Complete automation is possible with component loading, separation trolleys, and media reloading using PLC-based controls. These machines are popular in processing parts like coin blanks, medical implants, fine-blanked components and precision components of automotive & aerospace sector.

Customised Finishing Systems
Completely automated finishing systems can be offered along with Vibratory finishing and Disc finishing equipment. Automation results in achieving higher production rates and process consistency. Fully automatic finishing systems can be offered using component loading system, separation equipment, compound dosing system, conveyors and PLC- based control panel. Customised systems are popular in applications like processing of coin blanks, medical implants, fine-blanked parts, drive chain components, bearing rollers & cages and so on.

Parts Cleaning

Parts cleaning is an essential process of the manufacturing industry. Parts cleaning equipment are used to remove all types of contaminants from the surfaces of components. Parts cleaning machines are used for degreasing, de-scaling, removing metallic burr or particles and other solid particles of contamination. Parts cleaning can be achieved by using Immersion, Spray and Ultrasonic Techniques or combination of these techniques. Gala offers a complete range of aqueous parts cleaning equipment that includes Spray cleaning, Ultrasonic cleaning, Rotary screw, Single Chamber multi-process and customised machines. The company also builds customised machines which include Ultrasonic machines with material handling system, drying with centrifuge arrangement, Single piece flow and so on. It is capable of building large machines as big as 5000 litre capacity Ultrasonic cleaning machine for very big parts and 60 feet long conveyorised washers. It offers machines suitable for batch & continuous production and also for Single piece flow lean production.
Gala equipment are preferred for precision cleaning of parts of industries such as aerospace, automotive hydraulic, engineering, electronics and many others. Machines can be built to meet stringent requirements of achieving Gravimetric (Millipore or NAS standards) values of less than 1 mg and particle size as per class A for precision cleaning. Gala is indeed a one-stop solutions provider for equipment and cleaning compounds.

Spray Cleaning

Gala’s comprehensive manufacturing range also includes spray-cleaning machines up to 100 bar spray pressure. Spray-cleaning machines are widely used for washing of components such as machined parts, stamped parts, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, connecting rods, crank shafts, housings, bearing parts, fasteners, transmission parts, ammunition shells, containers, etc. The spray-cleaning machines are offered in the following configurations:

Rotary Basket
Rotary basket washers are compact machines suitable for small parts in batches. These machines are simple to use with wash, rinse and dry options.
Spray pressure is in the range of 2 to 4 bar and basket rotation speed is in the range of 3 to 6 RPM.
Rotary basket machines are suitable for general cleaning of small components such as machines parts, sheet metal parts, fasteners, springs, etc.

Rotary Indexing
This is suitable for small and medium size parts. Component loading can be at the same or at different locations.
A single part is indexed in cleaning, rinsing and drying zone and follows single piece flow.
Component loading and unloading can be manual or automatic with pick & place device or with robots. Rotary indexing machines are suitable for cylinder liners, shells, and machined cast parts.

Rotary Screw

Rotary screw spray-cleaning machines are suitable for continuous production. The cleaning and drying stages can be customised. Machines are available from 30 kg/hr to 1500 kg/hr capacity.
These washers can be integrated with other production equipment to maintain production flow in a uniform manner. These washers are popular for components such as stamped washers, fasteners, small arms ammunition shells, etc.

Cabinet Front loading

These washers can have fixed or rotating work tables. This is suitable for cleaning of medium and heavy parts such as housings, axle box, brake drums, machined castings & forgings.
Parts can be loaded in baskets or can be placed on the work table. Wash, Rinse and Dry cycles can be offered.


Conveyorised washers are popular as they support continuous production and are easy to operate.
Components travel on a conveyor with or without trays and pass through enclosed chambers. Spray, rinse and dry sections can be customised based on the cleaning requirements. The conveyor can be made of steel wire mesh and chain & rod type. Conveyorised washers are suitable for parts like aluminium or brass shells of ammunition, connecting rods, containers, bins, housings, wheels, rifle scopes, gears & sprockets, machined castings & forgings and reflectors.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Gala manufactures a whole range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines from 20 to 5000 litre capacity.
The company can offer material handling system for multistage ultrasonic cleaning machines for ease of handling of parts. Multistage machines are customised to suit customer needs with options of multiple cleaning, rinsing and drying. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are used for precision cleaning of parts that6 are complex in configuration and geometry and / or requiring stringent gravimetric values and particle size count as per class A. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are widely used for cleaning of precision parts of aerospace and automotive sectors like engine valves, pistons, turbine blades, fuel injection parts, coil springs, bearing cages etc. This technology is ideal for cleaning of electronic parts & PCB’s, moulds, optical parts and lenses.
Gala can provide ultrasonic transducers of tank-bonded, immersible box and rod type, based on application. Operating frequency can be 25 KHz or 30 KHz or 40 kHz to suit cleaning application.
Ultrasonic cleaning machines offered are: Table top, Multistage and Multistage with material handling system.

Single Chamber Multi-process Cleaning Machines (SCMP)
Single chamber multi process cleaning machines offered by Gala are compact in size.
Spray, Immerse flood wash and Ultrasonic wash cycles are possible in this configuration. Vacuum drying also can be provided on customer request.

Gala also offers customised cleaning solutions to meet customer’s special requirements. It can build machines for Single piece flow or Robotic washing.

Phosphating Plants
Gala also offers pre-treatment, passivation and phosphating plants. These plants can be fully automatic with material handling system, PLC based control panel and SCADA system.
These are offered with features like basket rotation, auto dosing, walking beam material handling arrangement, etc.

Material Handling
Gala also builds and offers material systems for conveying components. The range includes Belt Conveyors, Inclined Conveyors, Component Loading Systems and Vibratory trolleys.

Industrial Dryers
Drying is a natural corollary in the process of components cleaning. Hence Gala also offers Industrial Dryers of various types. These are Vibratory, Belt type, Rotary Screw, and Centrifuge Dryers.

Undoubtedly, Gala Precision is a One-stop shop for Solutions for Surface Finishing, Cleaning, Washing and Drying of Precious Machine Parts and Components. Neither quantity, size nor criticality deters Gala from offering a solution to any industry to the utmost satisfaction of the ultimate customer.

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