VOL. 19 July ISSUE YEAR 2018


in Vol. 19 - July Issue - Year 2018
The Brexit Effect

In the Spotlight

Staffordshire-based Layton Technologies Limited is a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of precision-cleaning equipment for the medical, aerospace and specialist engineering industries. The company is located in the heart of England, with easy access to main transport networks via road, rail and air.

Layton Technologies are currently experiencing a higher than usual level of enquiries, sales leads and orders.  After analysing all available information, Layton have assigned this increase in activity to the Brexit effect. 

Many of the leads are coming from UK Companies who would normally be sourcing equipment throughout Europe but are finding that with the weak £ to € ratio that they can get much better value here at home. Together with the uncertainty of future working restrictions, they now want the confidence provided by dealing with other UK companies instead of looking abroad.
As the largest independent manufacturer of component cleaning equipment in the UK, Layton Technologies has the experience and capability as a problem solver to design and build exclusively-designed systems to meet any precision cleaning challenge. Layton use their expertise and ability to anticipate, identify, understand and remove risk for their customers and can offer full financial analysis and benefit models, gained over many years in critical cleaning and passivation, adding real beneficial impact to businesses.

Layton have the skills and ability to do everything in-house: from design and programming to manufacture of cleaning, drying and surface treatment process systems.  On-site they build flammable, specialised engineered solvent and aqueous systems.  Layton also offer bespoke, turn-key projects for the most demanding applications. A full trial, testing, evaluation service and product demonstration facility is also available on site, where systems can be witnessed in operation and cleaning processes satisfactorily assessed.

Their facilities for Specialised Contract Cleaning are also available – in both aqueous and solvent systems, offering rapid turn-round, hassle-free alternatives to your own in-house cleaning for large and small quantities of high precision components.

Where conformance to cleaning process standards requires complex documentation and complete traceability, Layton offers a full documentation service and appropriate recording facilities with the ability to produce unique products serving niche markets Worldwide.

Layton Technologies is much more than an equipment manufacturer – in offering a full 5-Year parts and labour warranty, ISO 9001 and 14001 Quality Assurance, full installation, commissioning and certified operator training, ongoing support and on-site service, online remote access and webcam support, Layton Technologies is always the perfect choice of partner.

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