VOL. 19 September ISSUE YEAR 2018

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in Vol. 19 - September Issue - Year 2018
SF EXPO and MFN has reached a 2019 annual comprehensive strategic partnership
Andrzej Wojtas

Andrzej Wojtas

SF EXPO is a world famous international surface-finishing exhibition, held alternately in Guangzhou and Chongqing China each year, and will be held in Guangzhou on May 9, 2019. SF EXPO has been held in China for 18 years, and has wide association resources, government resources, and media resources in the surface-finishing industry, and with a vast number of exhibitors and a professional audience database, it has a strong influence in the surface-finishing industry. After the exhibition joined UFI in 2012, it became the only  surface-finishing exhibition certified by UIF globally. Its professionalism, influence, and internationalization are unanimously recognized in the industry.

MFN (Metal Finishing News) is an international magazine specializing in peening, blasting, mass finishing and cleaning. The publication is distributed to 78 countries. In addition, it maintains a training organization for different processes, which are taught in up to ten languages. It is supported by 19 offices and over 67 members from around 20 countries. Furthermore, MFN has access to 3 permanently available training centers. Over the years, MFN has gone into partnerships and cooperation agreements with various organizations established worldwide and can benefit from a global network, which is unique in the metal-finishing industry.

MFN as SF EXPO's official cooperation partner, has had a friendship for already many years. For long-term strategies, the two sides have complementary advantages, and through shared resources have deep cooperation, in such as exhibitors, visitors, associations, the media, etc to achieve fruitful results; this is one of the most important strategic cooperation partnerships each have. In 2019, our cooperation will achieve the first ten years, and we cherish becoming MFN's strategic cooperation partner. Currently, we have already concluded comprehensive cooperation for 2019 with MFN, and anticipate that this cooperation will move onto a new level within the next decade.

Best Regards
Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.), Chief Editor of MFN, E-mail: andrzej@mfn.li