VOL. 4 November ISSUE YEAR 2003


in Vol. 4 - November Issue - Year 2003
Boron carbide nozzles that will blast you away!

There are several keys to success in any industry. First you must find a need, then figure out a way to fill that need. Once you’ve carved out – or, in this case, blasted – a niche for your company, continued success depends largely on a good product and knowledge of your customer base. How then, in a specialty industry such as boron carbide nozzles, does a small, family-owned business in tiny Akron, New York keep up with its larger competitors? For Malyn Industrial Ceramics, Inc., it’s all about personal customer service.

Malyn Industrial Ceramics, Inc. (MICI) was formed in 1986 to take advantage of proprietary processing techniques to become a low-cost producer of advanced ceramic components.  Its founder, Michael Malyn, had worked in the refractory technology industry for years before deciding to start his own company.  He began with three full-time employees and a few distributor and OEM clients.  Establishing himself and his company and gaining ground was difficult at first because the company was virtually unknown.  But Michael Malyn persevered, doing test parts for clients and developing a reputation for on-time delivery of affordable, high-quality products.  Nearly 20 years later, the company is still thriving, manufacturing custom-made boron carbide nozzles and other boron carbide components to meet the needs of its worldwide customers.

„Producing boron carbide products is our only business,“ says Michael Malyn. „Our customers come to us directly for answers and for solutions, and we need to give them a product that’s as good as everyone else’s and competitively priced.“

MICI produces and ships more than 50,000 boron carbide nozzles annually from its factory outside Buffalo, New York to specialty clients throughout the world. Its nozzles are used in the metal finishing industry for cleaning surfaces and preparing them for painting, for sandblasting brick and glass on bridges and buildings and even in the making of golf balls and stonewashed jeans. 

„Boron carbide is third only to diamond and cubic boron nitride in hardness,“ says Malyn.  „That makes for a very durable and dependable product.“

MICI produces a variety of sizes and styles of boron carbide nozzles, and also produces specialty sizes and styles to meet unique customer needs. All of the manufacturing is done at the company’s 15,000-square-foot plant in Akron. The company runs two shifts per day, and Michael – along with Pat, his wife – maintains a hands-on involvement in all aspects of his business. 

„We can produce, from scratch, a client order and ship it out within 48 hours,“ says Malyn.  „Being small isn’t a hindrance, it’s a help. Our customers know they can come straight to the owner of the company with any problems and concerns, and they will be immediately addressed.“

Customers such as Steve Zavarella, general manager of Pressure Blast Mfg. Co., in Connecticut, concur. 
„I wish I’d found Malyn Industrial Ceramic sooner!  They provide a quality product at a very competitive price. And they know me as well as our company. This company is very service oriented, and I know I will always see my order promptly.“

Jay Richardson, co-owner of Abrasive Finishing Industries, also likes the personal contact that comes with dealing directly with the owner Michael Malyn. 
„I get an immediate response; there are no frustrating channels to go through,“ he says.  „I get quality, affordability and service with Malyn…they provide the whole package.“

For information: Michael T. Malyn
Malyn Industrial Ceramics, Inc.
P. O. Box 203, 13550 Bloomingdale Road
Akron, NY 140001, USA
Tel. +1.716.542 9353
E-mail: sales@malyn.com, www.malyn.com